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this is about a new champion i love the game and thought maybe u could make use of my idea i was thinking of a late game mage type of champion midlaner of course the region he comes from would be the shadow islands because i loved the walking animation of lissandra its awsome good job and i wanted to have like a sort of mountain of souls no blood just souls reaping from underneath the champion pretty much like lissandra and every time he kills someone a soul is added to his walking animation starting with only parts of souls and bodies and after every kill he gets something like a corpse without blood and after a couple of kills he starts building a mountain of corpses under him but not making him bigger or wider in any way to not change his hitbox . his abilities would be first his Q is a soul chain that travels toward enemy champions but if it hits a minion it stops and does its damage there his W should be similar to morganas W a circle on the ground that does damage where souls come out of the ground and tear them down no cc but if he combines Q with W the target hit by Q would get CCd and would have his soul taken downwards as extra damage for hitting this combo since only one champ can get CCd the W should be his wave clear and bigger that morganas W his E would be a point and click dott type of soul that does very little damage but can prock aery twice The E could be changed this is not exhaustive his R would be like swains W where he can cast it and it channels for 0.5 sec and then nuke the enemy dealing more damage the lower the enemy is this can also be combined with his W Q cc but make zohnyas work in his that state so it is counterable his ult should be smaller than his W making it not as strong in teamfights his ultimate could look like an abyss where all the souls are must be precisely animated but doable i think if u need a picture i have an idea of what it could look like send me an e mail and ill make u drawings of his abilities i have yet to think of his passive since he already has alot in his kit so maybe something like % damage per soul in his walking (hovering) animation or bonus movement speed per soul in his walking (hovering) animation capped at 5 like with rengars teeth I surely hope that this will be read since i love the game and really like late game mages
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