TFT quality of life suggestion

Hello, I was thinking if it was possible to, in the future, add something in the game where we could see what your items combine into. Perhaps when you grab an item and hover it over the other item (not on a champion), or maybe just an entire tab similar to summoners rifts shop where you see all the combinations possible. Maybe also an extra tab to see the classes/origins and the icons of all champions related. Right now you need to either memorise wich combination makes what item or tab out to check a cheatsheet (thanks scarra). But this is not really beneficial. Tabbing out takes some time, especially tabbing back in. You might either not see the battle (which is pretty much the point, why play it if you cant see the team you created kill their opponents and see what placement might not be good), or you will lose time to manage your champions in between round. Last if you want to quickly check before the carousel you might not get in fast enough to compete for the item/champion you need. So since pretty much everyone is using external help for this, why not implement it in the game? Its similar to buff timers, people used timers outside the game or they memorised it. Its just a small quality of life change. Since its still beta and new things will still be added (like a match history) I thought I'd give my opinion on something that might seem interesting to add. It just seems a nice idea. Any opinions on this?
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