I like the Yorik re-work... But

I personally find this (riots explanation) > Yorick is not a popular champion. We'll admit it! Out of the 132 champions in League, the bedraggled green guy has almost always been the least-played, least-loved champ on the list. But why? Sure, he's a not-quite-meta, hard-to-balance champ, but we think the biggest reason for Yorick's unpopularity is simple: Nobody wants to be a gravedigger Link for the above: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/yorick-champion-update Absolute Horse shit, if i was a Yorik main, I would be livid with this. Gravedigger or not, it had nothing to do with the reason he was underplayed. I actually asked a lot of people why they didn't play Yorik. You want to hear the most common reason. "what's a Yorik" seriously. There has been literally no opportunity to play Yorik because you kept him out of the Free rotations. No-one looks for him in the shop, people come across him, and go ohhh whos this, looks cool, ill try him out when he's on rotation before purchasing....... people like to try before they buy. but they never got to try. To me it was unjustified (i can list many champions currently that are "frustrating" to play against, and you would not dream to remove them) to remove him from rotation, and the second you removed him, his rework should have started. He was underplayed because YOU kept him locked away. YOU ignored him. I personally quite enjoy playing Yorik, Dont know why I dont play him more tbh. I am genuinely going to miss it. But he was a win lane lose game in the majority of cases. the majority of people found his kit to be "underwhelming" its not very interactive you just click the buttons and the ghouls do the work for you. I saw this rework as 90% community driven. Too me and probably a few others, especially with the baker pantheon skin coming out, it feels like you caved. There have been comments, posts, memes circulating around the boards/forums the entire internet for years waiting for this moment. and all i can say its about time. I have wanted that skin since i heard the his joke. It looks good but im a little disappointed with the partical effects but over all its a skin. But its a great community gesture and its something you need to a lot more of. This rework also gave you an opportunity for a "get out of community jail free card" you could have just said what we all know. Yorik was underplayed because you made him that way. It would be nice for just once if you could just admit that the reason was the design, the praise you would have received would have been overwhelming. If you admitted something was wrong because you made it that way and ignored it for that long. But if you say it know you'll be complained at because we asked you to say it. Although this rework is well received, it looks great, the abilities make more sense and interact in a better way. not the biggest fan of his new look mind. But to me its not Yorik anymore its just a new champion. Please remember this is all just one guys opinion :) TL:DR - Your statement about why he was underplayed = Bullshit Was unpopular because you allowed him to be, unjustifiably Rework was an opportunity to build stronger bonds with community but you failed the execution of it Thanks for baker pantheon, even if its slightly underwhelming {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} EDIT: added link to offical riot statment
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