Hi Everyone, i'm here to make real my champ idea. I have already posted this idea in the italian forum, but they suggested me to write it on the english forum so more people can see it. Sorry if i commit some errors though. Basically the champ i was thinking about is a mage, but not a simple mage, cause this mage has the power to increase power of minions and fight with them. I'll call him X for make things much faster ABILITIES: PASSIVE: all minions around X gains stats increasement based on X stats (ex.. more "ad" will give more "ad" to melee minions, same for mage minions with "ap", more movement speed will make them move faster. This bonus will be really insignificant at the beginning of the game, this will make things more balanced as soon as the enemy champ will be able to kill the wave with no difficult. If minions around X kill enemy minions, they will give the kill's gold, same for enemy champs, (im not sure if would be a good idea if minions around X will give more gold) the stat increasment % of minions will scale with X levels Q: X will launch a Gem, that will explode on the ground dealing magical damage, if an enemy champ is hit by this ability, allied minions will attack that champ, or the nearest champ in case of hitting more champions (really similiar to yorik's ability). W: X will launch a magical attack that will stun the enemy champ, if during the stun, W is pressed again, X will pull the stunned champ, to the mouse pointer, or target point (don't know how to say it god damn) E: X will summon minions around him, the number of mjnions depends on E level, starting from 1 minion, then 2...3...4 exc... This ability exist only to compensate a situation where minions are not around you. At level 5 there's a probability of 20% that a cannon minion spawns within the summoned wave. And FOR LAST PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE MOST BROKEN COOLEST AND AWESOME ULT OF ALL LEAGUE OF LEGENDS HISTORY!!!! R: X will channel for 5 sec then enemy minions will become allied minions for 5 -10-15 seconds, all minions in the map will gain extra bonus based on X's stat and extra movemens speed and they will hunt down the nearest enemy champ, ignoring towers and buildings, every sort of damage given to X during the channeling will stop it. X' s family was attacked and killed by corrupted noxian soldiers during a journey. An ambush deep in the woods, he was still a baby and he was abandoned in the woods by these "bandits", hours of screaming and crying were useless cause he was alone, deep inside those trees that were starting to transform into dark claws... but just when the light in his eyes was starting to pass out, something came out from bushes, the creature was really small, X was not much smaller than it, the creature started to approch him really slow. A little hand covered in a silk glove touched his hand, but X attention was focused on the creature's mask, a mask made of rock, with some cracks on the edges and two triangle shaped holes in the middle that were probably representing the eyes. After the "contact" between their hands, other creature with literally the same aspect came out, silk gloves and dresses, and rock masks with a huge variant of expressions: some seems happy, some angry, some astonished, but the little creature in front of X was the only one with a huge crack on the top edge of the mask. Every one of those little men was literally entirely covered by the vest, and X first thought was to remove their mask to see what's behind, but he was just a little and scared baby, and the only thing he could think about in that moment was about his parent getting tortured and killed by those soldiers for... who knows the reason. He fell asleep... he woke up under a little hut, made of wood, rock and straw. He was not feeling scared anymore, and the cold wet sensation of the grass was replaced by a warm and cuddly atmosphere, thanks to the silk blanked he was sleeping on. He was hearing a lot of noise from the outiside, a weird noise, a type of noise that you hear when you listen carefully to one hundred of ants walking on an empty and dry wood trunk, but heavier. He put his head out and what he saw was, an infinity of those little masked men he met before. They seemed to be working really hard, the vision of that was really confusing but every one of them was moving along a precise route. Another thing X noticed was that, he was inside a cave, or a mine, a nasty place for a 3 years old baby, but that cave was not so bad, thanks to crystals of every color and shape studded on the walls, a magnificent view for a 3 years old baby, a little laugh came out from his mouth, and in that moment every single one of those men stopped and turned his head to X. Silence was the only noise you could hear, exept for some water drips falling down somewhere in the cave. Then something inside the crowd started to approach, that was the "cracked mask" little man that hold his hand before. He stopped in front of X, staring at him...deeply. The little man then started approching really slow... while holding some berries on his hand, slow as much as when you are not sure if you are doing the right thing, or if you are not sure you gonna be still alive after few seconds. X again moved his hand forward to the little man's berries, grabbing them and shoving them inside his mouth, chewing and licking every drop of berry juice on his hand. All the crowd then, started moving again frantically, and after a few minutes, they brought an entire sack, filled up with those berries and X ate everyone of them. X grew up with the little men, but in all these years he still doesn't know what's behind those mask, but he learned something about them... they are linked with all those gems they are mining, they just want to mine gems until nothing is left and there is a reason for such greediness. Apparently gems are essential to create others little men. X saw the process once... he saw one of the gem, getting launched from 10 metres high in the cave. When the gem hit the ground, a blinding flash enlightened the entire cave and then one of those men appeared, but he was already covered with the vest... and the weird mask. He didn't questioned himself to much... he was just a baby, he thoughts that that must be the way every living creature should do to multiply. Life was simple... eating fruits sit on a confortable silk "bed", watching those men working hard to mine and build weird machines, what could go wrong, but then the tragedy happend, one day X was walking around the grass field just outside the cave entrance, when he heard a scream, that was familiar, horribly familiar... he started running to the scream direction until he came up to two men, dressed with weird red armors and holding two swords pointed to a woman's throat. They were laughing and making weird sounds, the woman was laying on the ground with some blood, dripping down from her head. The two mens looked on each other saying something that X could not understand, then they looked again the woman and she didn't have the time to scream again, that one of the sword went throgh her heart, leaving her breathless with her eyes spread open, looking on her assassins... X was horrified and he made a frustrated sound, this was enough to bring him the two men attention... they looked into X eyes and X looked into their eyes. Chills went down x' s back while the two men started approaching him. He started running as faster as he could, but what direction, he never went so far from the cave and he didn't know the precise direction to return... he freezed and started looking around, he didn't have much time to think, the two men were approaching. After a few seconds he remembered how to come back, but just in the instant he was starting to run in the right direction, an axe hit his right leg, making fall down in pain. He looked up and saw the two men laughing, they started to say something... fear and pain were the only thing X could think of in that moment, heavy breath and the noise of his heart beating in his chest was the only noise he could hear... but then, he heard another sound, a familiar noise, a type of noise that you hear when you listen closely to an hundred ants walking on an empty and dry wood trunk, but heavier... then one of those men came up from bushes holding an axe... but the two men kicked him away, then two came out, and three... and then four, five... until the entire place was covered with them, the two men started slashing and kicking and swinging their sword, killing a bunch of them, but the number of those little killers was infinite, and they succumbed at the end. X watched the entire battle, and seeing those two men getting killed, made him feel weirdly happy and satisfied, a tear came out from his eye, dripping down his cheek, he stood up and what he saw, changed his life forever... the little man with the cracked mask, was laying on the ground, he reached him, limping and fell down on his knees, the mask was literally even more cracked and the puffed silked gloves where ripped, he looked the dead corpse of the creature who saved his life... no blood... just a stationary mass of silk gloves and tunic, he grabbed the mask with his hands and started to pull, when the mask came away, X saw what those little man looked like, but just for a few moments, then he dissolved in a bright blue light that was similiar to smoke but it wasn't. The only thing remaining was the mask. THE END
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