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Hey Riot and fellow gamers. I have been talking to riot employee Bimmer Cake, he liked the idee so asked me to post it here. I have a question/suggestion about ranked games. Lately allot of people dc, ragequit or int because they are toxic/mad Isn't it a good idea to have a lp systeem that works differernt for every player, LPeople try to climb but it's very difficult if you got toxic/inting people on your team. i know it's a team game.. but this way league should be more focused on your own skills. I would like to see something around the amount lp you win and lose is connectedd to your score. Win: s+ 30 lp s 25 lp s- 20 lp a+ 15 lp a and everything below it a 10 lp Lose: s+ 10 lp s 15 lp s- 20 lp a+ 25 lp a and everything below it a 30 lp lose Something around this should we fair for all players, good players have more chance to get higher, bad players go lower or stay around the same elo would really like to have a feed back, the way league work now is broken. allot of people stopt playing because of this. (Edit) To make this systeem work the grade systeem should be changed. For every thing you do in game should give you points. A example: Minion: 1 point Canon Minion: 2 points Siege Minion: 5 points Turret: 50 points Inhib: 75 points Drake: 100 points Herald: 75 points Baron: 100 points Kill: 25 points Kill Assist: 25 points Death: -10 points Now your grade is completely depending on how you play that game, A assist on tower, inhib, baron, drake, kill is the same amount of points as the last person that hits it or that takes the kill. Now a player that isnt having his day, can also gain points by being a teamplayer, assisting on turrets, assisting at drake. By making people gain points by team playing, people would do it more.
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