Let's improve the boards!

I suddenly had an idea to improve the boards, here it comes! NOTE: this post is VERY long, it will be divided in different categories, you'll see what I mean. Have fun reading! FIrst of all, my goals with these improvements are: * Attracting more people to the boards * making the boards more fun * Trying to get people to be more kind, and trying to get them to do their best more to bring a better answer **Following** After spending some time on the boards I've seen some very smart and interesting people people I looked up to, because of their awesome answer. So I came up with the idea to follow people. If you follow someone you can: * Check what they post in your news feed * See if they accomplished something * Check their votes I think this will improve the interaction between members, while also improve how people behave, since they want many followers. And this will make it more fun. . **Description box** A description box can be placed on someone's profile, you'll be able to say something about yourself: as example, _Hi I'm Josh, My favourite champion is Vi and I love to play jungle Im Diamond III also check out my Youtube channel: 1234Joshplaysleague123 Good luck on the fields of justice!_ People will know better who you are, and what your mentality is, making it easier to gain or lose followers. . **News Feed** If we want the possibility to follow someone we need some upgrades to the news feed. * You'll be able to see what people you follow post in a new tab called _Following_ . **Board points** This is a sort of goal, a goal to get many boards points. You get board points by: * Getting upvotes (+1) * Getting followers (+3) * Getting downvotes (-1) However, maybe if you get minus board points you're not allowed to post stuff anymore? Maybe -150 votes, that's hard to get These board points are an achievement, something you can be proud of. and maybe you can get some rewards? . **Rewards** Rewards will give you prizes when you did something good. An expamle: You get 100 board points --> +50 IP You get 150 board points --> 50 blue essence You get 200 board points --> 5 extra stickers You get 250 board points --> Votes count as 2. The rewards can vary so much, you can give everything as reward! It will create more positivity, Because Board points will be something you can be proud of and it will give small rewards --> everyone wants them **Direct Messaging** You're able to send messaging to other Board users, to talk about the posts, I don't really think it's necesarry since you have comments and you can send messages in the League of Legends Client . . . That were my ideas! Some ideas are better than others, I know. ( Direct messaging, rewards) But that's how I think we can improve the boards! I'd really appreciate Feedback : ) And this is just an idea, it isn't perfect and it can change a lot. (Board points, reward system) I really think this will make people do their best more for a good reaction, so they won't lose board points or followers thanks for reading this very long post Good luck in the Fields of Justice . . . . . EDIT: Thanks for all the positive reactions! :D I get why people disagree with the rewards system, votes should not be farmed. that's true. Thanks for being so nice :D
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