Suggestion: Implement a ping tester

Hi, I just had 3 remakes in a row, because people try to play this game with bad IC. I believe that most cases of people being AFK, happens due to having a high ping. They rather choose to play this game with a disadvantage, than with a good and stable ping. We've all done it once and that's totally fine, but there are people who knowingly keep doing the same thing. I've thougth of a solution that possibly could decrease the amount of people attempting to play with a bad internet connection: a ping tester. How does it work? Well... there is a maximum ping that let's you play the game smoothly with just a little lag. If the system filters out any players that will exceed the max ping, they cannot start a game. As long as it is "playable", they can start a game. "This will not work since ping fluctuates all the time." This is one should be easy. An average ping can be calculated through the lowest ping point and the highest ping point or "low ping + high ping / 2". Yes, this average ping also will fluctuate, but not as hard as the actual ping. The average will be a more consistent and stable number. "Okay, but there are times where people have a good ping when they're starting a game and then their ping suddenly gets worse. So what's the point?" Sudden failing of your internet connection can happen anytime, for example, due to your ISP maybe having a disturbance or a hardware failure in your neighbourhood. There is nothing this system can do about that. My suggestion is focused on the people who will for sure be AFK at the beginning of the game, due to having an unplayable ping or who weren't even being able to connect at all. I don't think this will fix everything, but it maybe could improve just a small portion of it. Thank you for reading. **Extra note: If you're here to just downvote this thread, atleast let me know why you disagree. Give me some good reasons and arguments. Maybe there are some of you who can point out some flaws. Thank you :-)**
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