Fisherman Thresh Skin Concept

Nipa San on Twitter
@LeagueOfLegends Here is my Fisherman Thresh concept. This is just fast picture for the idea. All support
I am Nipa San from EUNE and {{champion:412}} is my main champion and I love to play with him but still he is lacking with one important element. Everyone knows that _**Thresh**_ is serious guy but still I think that he could be little bit _**more funny**_ guy. I have played little bit with Fizz recently and I have the _**Fisherman Fizz**_. I thought that this skin has such a great skin concept. And as a Thresh main I thought that this skin would fit Thresh so well. Thresh would go fishing some enemies and help his friends with his fish trap. I already gave this skin idea to Riot Support and to Riots Twitter account and to League of Legends Twitter account. It just seems like that they haven't noticed this skin idea and now I ask you guys to give me as much support as you can give me. I know that the picture is not too great but I made it in hurry and I am only good at drawing in ways of pixel art. But I guess that you guys will get the idea from that picture. _**Thanks guys for your time and I hope good luck for you and your up coming games.**_ ( "Looks like your post has been receiving a lot of love. Really hoping that skin concept becomes a reality soon because it's something that I'd really love to use. ^^, Cheers!" -RocketRick, Player Support Specialist, Riot Games- Thank you guys for your support! It seems like that Riot has noticed us. Let's keep up voting for this skin concept and maybe we can get Fisherman Thresh skin. Again thank you guys, thank you Riot and thank you Riot Supporters! -Nipa San-
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