Periodically Ban From Community Votes

I think we all need some extra ban. Since the Rİot has chance to buff and nerf rights on champs, I think we players also should have right to choise banning some as community. In each 2-3 weeks of period. I think if riot gives us chance to vote between champs and the first 1-2-3 champs who has been voted the most should get banned from game for a certain period. And the champs who have been banned gets immunity from this "voted periodic ban" for certain period also. You can still personally ban the champ but for example Yasua can not be banned whole year. :D There are games like this on internet where balance is based on players wish, and I think we need that. In every patch there are major champs that we all hate like Nasus before, Vayne now etc... So this would make game more stratagic than pick the meta champ and shine bright like diamond.
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