New Champion idea / concept (Damara)

Name : Damara - The Swamp Hag Role : Jungler Not pretty female character for ones :P hahahah ¨ Concept 1 : Her look should resemble old Yorik look (moving slowly , crooked back and a small tree staff walking stick) , rags for clothes. Passive : Hags Domaine - every 180/ 60 seconds the hag can entwine small passages within a jungle (allied champion can pass through , while enemies must disable it with 2 basic attacks. Wine grant very limited vision, and reveal attacker for 2 second. She also has slightly increased movement speed while moving in the river. Q - Swamp ooze : The hag conjures an ooze filled bubble which bursts after 1 second ( Applies damage in small area) W - Hex : The hag curses the target (Applies blind, slow and CDR penalty on a target ) E - Leeches : The hag unleashes (2/3/4/5) leeches that drain targets health and healing the hag (Applies damage and healing % per leech) R - Swamp gass: The hag makes targeted area bubble with small bubbles of poisonous gass that burst and infect targets within area (Applies Damage over time ) Concept 2: This time she not a swamp hag , but more of a witch She lived long time close to Shadow Isles where with time she learned how to prolong her live as well as absorbing some of shadow isle power ( by either her own magic or capturing the powers of the mist ; which she captured and carries with her in a glass ball/ bottle on her staff) Passive: Q - Shadow familiar : She conjures a shadowy familiar that jumps in a straight line, if ability connects the familiar attacks a target 3 times, if minions hit - attack each minion once (in small area) Lvl 1-Bats, Lvl-5 Snakes, Lvl10-Wolf W - Curse your tongue : Ability makes the target to take damage whenever they use abilities (so the have to only use autos) E - Mist globe : she trows a comet of mist in the air, upon landing she gets transformed into mist and dragged to that area R - Wind from the Isles: She calls upon the winds from the isles which carry spirits from the isles in a large strait line-area those hit by spirits take damage and carried backwards some distance . Can be fun or what ?? :P
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