Champion reform ideas

These champions are fairly old, and was never truly reworksed. Changes, and Visual upgrades happened, but the skills in base remained the same. {{champion:1}} Mage with short range on everything except ult, and no mobility. In short. Risky as HELL. Since she is a child i would suggest to turn het into a more like ranged poker. Passive: no change Q: Range drastically increased, and turned into skillshot. If it kills minion then mana, and half CD refound. W: Less wide, but range drasticcaly increased. Instead of spreading flame everywhere she would fire a ray of flame damaging everyone in line. E: Grants good old health shield. While active all damage taken reflected as true damage. R: No longer instant. Instead Annie throws the bear, that transforms in mid-air, then smashes on the ground. Travel time: 0,3s. to 1s. depending on distance. In return it gets some range increase, and slight radius increase. {{champion:12}} No skillshots for an all-in is nearly impossible to balance. Give him too much power, and unbeatable. Give him too little, and worthless. passive: unchanged Q: becomes skillshot. The longer Alistar travels the more damage he deals, and the further he pushes the champion. If enemy hits wall then takes damage, and gets stunned depending on how much distance he would have travelled, if not by the wall. 0,2 to 2 sec. W: unchanged. But can no longer combo with Q unless target hits wall. However you can intentionally miss Q to hit enemy with W instead. E: Can stack on multiple champions. On full stacks gives damage reduction, and damage done will be reduced with each second. You can either use it right away for most damage, or wait for better survival. R: Unchanged. {{champion:86}} Very simple, and not exactly strong. Especially since everyone is mobile as hell. Q: becomes skillshot. Garen dashes to target direction, and if it hits enemy champion, then Garen's speed increases to match target champion's speed for a time. This effect can only increase speed. W: unchanged E: Time reduced by 70%, minons, and monsters takes full damage, casting time refershes each time it hits a champion, but maximum 4 seconds. R: Half CD refound when kills an enemy. {{champion:26}} Seriously bad scaling. Q: gets 100% AP ratio. So he gets damage worthy for a poker champ in late. R: instead of giving GA effect it simply instant heals, and cleanses target upon "death" {{champion:11}} I know he was changed to that long ago, but he is still way too simple. Q: becomes skillshot. Become invisible for 1 second. During this time instead of basic attack Yi dash to target direction, and if hits enemy, then ability restart up to 1 to 5 times. You can't hit the same target multiple times in a row. If you miss, or hit same target twice in a row, then ability ends instantly. W: no change E: Yi hits enemies in front of him in line. If it hits an enemy champion, then ability can be recasted up to 1 to 5 times. When used while Q is in effect, then this attack automatically crit, and considered as basic attack. R: Same as now, but also increases Q's range. {{champion:9}} Has this guy ever changed? His kit is way too simple. Q:Becomes skillshot. Fiddle releports in target direction, and upon arrival fears enemies in a short cone. Can used while W, or R is active. Fear time increased by rank, and reduced by range down to 25% of the original time. At point blank: 1 to 3seconds. W: Becomes skillshot to create the link. Once link created movement speed reduced to half, but can still move or cast other spells. E: Becomes skillshot, and always goes toward nearest target for the chain. Can't hit same champion more than twice for each cast. No more hit closest minion, then pretty much sure hit the wana farm enemy ADC. R: Unchanged. {{champion:23}} very simple kit Q: For heals instantly+ for 5 seconds Trynda can't gain rage. Instead he heals himself for each attack. While ult active: For the next 5 seconds Trynda cannot be healed, but gains AD for 10% of the health he would have been healed. Regardless of the healing's source. W: Same as now, but if enemy slowed, then Tryndamere gets movement speed equal to the slow value. Whule ult active: Trynda fears all enemies on the map for 1 to 3 seconds, and gains 100% extra movement speed to nearest enemy champion until the ult ends. While this effect active any command, that aren't attacking an enemy will be ignored. E: If Trynda hits enemy champion, then can be recasted up to 5 times. Can be casted while rooted. While ult active: Trynda removes all CC, and Instantly dashes to nearest enemy champion (global range). Can only be casted while CC is on Trynd. Cooldown reduced by 90%. R: For 5 seconds Trynda can't die, and gains 100% life steal. When effect ends, then Trynda takes 1 damage. While ultimate active other ablities changed
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