We need a Custom game overhaul and more player freedom

I'm sure many of you have sometimes had more than 4 friends online at the same time and then that awkward question comes up. "Do we play custom or do we split up?" and usually what happens is you decide to split up because custom games have no creative freedom or special features and also don't award any kind of exp most of the time. Nowadays, after Dominion was removed a few years ago we can't even goof around and play hide and seek on the map or other ways to spend our time without playing a 40 minute long summoners rift game. Many of us desire some kind of way to alter custom games and make our own rules for them and this has been requested over many years but nothing has ever been done about it. Back in the old client we could atleast play rotating gamemodes in custom games but now we cant even do that anymore. All im asking for is that we as the player base have atleast some sort of way to make our own game rules in custom games (maybe something like practice mode but you can select what should be active for everyone before the game starts) and also some sort of reward for playing them of course no one expects to get lots of exp from custom games and that wouldnt be fair of course. But atleast something would be nice, even if it would a small amount of exp or anything else you guys could come up with. It would make the game more rewarding for us that have big groups of friends and also want to experiment outside of the normal gamemodes. P.S please bring back Dominion for Custom gamemode or some alternate version of it. Just a map where we could play hide and seek and no balancing would really be necessary. So yea guys what do you all think about the state of the Custom Gamemode please write your opinions! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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