An AP assassin that I can't think up a whole story and design for

The kit: ____________________________________ Ranged champion. Attack range: 375 P: Every 8th basic attack the champion's scythe activates, changing her auto attack from a ranged one to a melee one. The auto deals bonus damage and slows the target for 1 second. Q: Smashes down the scythe in a line in front of the champion. Enemies hit take magic damage and are slowed, and after half a second she pulls the scythe back in, pulling any enemies hit into her. (range 400) W: The champion starts a boost for 5 seconds. During this boost she steers kinda like a Yuumi Q, is immune to slows, and creates a trail behind her. Enemies that walk through it get slowed heavily for half a second. For any abilities that interact with terrain the trail will act as solid terrain. If the champion runs back into her own trail it will stun any enemies inside the created closed shape untill the champion is done creating the trail. E: After a delay of a second, the champion slices enemies with her scythe in a circle around her, dealing high damage. (range 200 radius) If the trail from her W is still active she will trace the entire trail, dealing damage around the entire thing and ending up back at the beginning. Enemies that got stunned by the trail take bonus damage. R: The champion goes invisible. This invisibility also hides the trail from W. When she decides to pop out of stealth again, or after the ability runs out, she will do 5 slices in quick succession around her, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and dealing bonus damage to enemies that were stunned by her W trail. If she stuns anyone with her W trail while in stealth she will pop out of stealth automatically. (duration 6 seconds) ______________________________ The basic playstyle rotation would be autos to farm minions, and once she gets her passive auto she can either use her Q to pull in an enemy to auto, or she can run up to an enemy with her W, auto them, run a circle around them and stun them, and then use E to deal high burst damage to them. In the late game she can use her ult to approach with stealth, then stun them with W (which she activated earlier), burst them down with the damage from her ult and E, and E automatically gets them out of harm's way as well. This was just a quick concept inspired by Spinel (from the Steven Universe movie) because I really liked her fighting moves and I wanted to incorporate the "draw out a path and go back through it to deal damage" kinda thing into a champ. Idk but I think it would make for a pretty fun champ, you could stun an entire team with the right setup.
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