New AD CASTER Item ( Mainly for Ad Caster - Marksman )

As most Ad Casters have problems containing their mana pool their are items in the game to help with that, such as, {{item:3070}} & {{item:3508}} They are not the best items for all champions &/or in certain lanes. For example, Tear is a terrible buy for {{champion:81}} & {{champion:110}} in the BOT LANE and Essence Reaver is not too great either, I think I have came up with an item that will help such champions. Name - (TBA) Build Path - B.F Sword + Brutalizer + 913 Gold ( 3800 Item Cost ) Attack Damage : + 80 ( Could Change ) Armor Penetration : +10 Cooldown Reduction : 10% Unique Effect - Dealing Physical Damage to an enemy unit restores Mana based on 2% of your total Attack Damage ( Percentage could change? ) Examples : 200 Attack Damage : Restores 4 mana 250 Attack Damage : Restores 5 mana 300 Attack Damage : Restores 6 mana Notes for this Unique Effect... If percentage of Attack Damage is not converted into a whole number it is rounded to the nearest whole number. AoE Abilities - If a single ability hits multiple champions unique effect will stack with no delay ( if that makes sense lol ) Items such as {{item:3085}} will also stack unique effect You'll probably be thinking that it will take forever to restore your mana pool once it's low which is probably right for most champions that would build this item but this item is not for restoring your mana pool to full but to remain it at a high amount ( that's the same tough? No ) The idea is to keep your mana pool at 80-100% so you'll have the necessary mana for when a fight breaks out, while having the ability to some what use your abilities to help wave-clear / harass... Many stats could change if it were to be implemented into the game but the idea behind it is that you restore mana ( a percentage of your attack damage ) by dealing physical damage to enemy units. Also the build path could be changed and the raw stats of the item, I added brutalizer simply because it's a great item for Ad Casters but could prove to be too OP in this item. Finally what are your opinions of this item?
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