[Champion Concept] Varla, the Dimension Breaker

**[Champion Concept] Varla, the Dimension Breaker (Current Patch: 2.0)** What´s up, ladies and gentlemen, I´m back! My name is Incaedeus and I proudly present you my most recent updated champion concept! Bit a special one today, gonna explain soon, why, so let´s get right into it! ** Summary:** 1. General stuff 2. Stats and difficulties 3. Lore 4. Abilities 5. Voice lines 6. How to play her 7. Patchnotes ** 1. General stuff** **The basic idea:** So, the first thing you might have noticed is that this concept is on patch 2.0. Why is that, you may wonder? Well, the first version of her had the same idea, being a magician who´s abusing the power of other dimensions to destroy everything, but approached it in a different way. In a way more unhealthy way, because while the abilities themselves were reading Ok, but she mutated into a „I-can-literally-just-faceroll-on-the-keyboard-and-still-can-be-useful“-concept, which was way to hard to balance. So I decided to rework every ability except the ult, since it had nothing in common with the rest, and created a new kit for a already existing concept. Let´s see how this one turned out… Anyway. Varla is designed to be a jungler, a full AP jungler. What makes her interesting is her kit, which may seem pretty bland and uncreative, but her passive will slowly upgrade that and turn Varla into a destructive force. And her ult will make ganking a lot easier, but will come with a cost… **Appearance:** Varla is a female human with tanned skin, wearing a mix of brown and grey furs weaved into a long skirt and a top. Her dark hair, reching to her shoulders, is tied to a braid. Beside that, her look is completed by some bracelets made out of gold and a necklace. And by her staff, made out of a broken branch, which contains a sky blue gem on it´s top. ** 2. Stats and difficulties** HP: 578 (+89/Level, 2091 on Level 18) Mana: 319 (+49/Level, 1152 on Level 18) HP/5: 7,5 (+0,65/Level, 18,55 on Level 18) MP/5: 7,6 (+0,8/Level, 21,2 on Level 18) Attack Damage: 59 (+3,1/Level, 111,7 on Level 18) Armor: 26 (+3,2/Level, 80,4 on Level 18) Magic Resistance: 30 (+0,5/Level, 38,5 on Level 18) Movement Speed: 335 Attack Speed: 0,612 (+2,5%/Level, 0,872 on Level 18) Auto-Attack Range: 500 Toughness: [3/10] Damage: [9/10] Mobility: [3/10] Crowd-Control: [2/10] Utility: [6/10] Overall difficulty: [3/10] ** 3. Lore:** My past… I have already forgotten which time period this phrase contains… as if that would matter! One day, I simply woke up here, here, at this… can you even call this a place? I don´t know… and yes, I never really cared about all this. I just woke up and knew, that I have to protect whatever is in here. And so I did. I saw the time flowing. It´s like a long string, growing longer with every moment of it´s existance. You could watch it growing like it is a living picture. And then there´s me. Or what represents me. It´s a simple, glowing line. That can move freely over the string. In both directions. But going to the future is way more difficult, since, when you´re done and return to the actual point of time, you need to make sure that the event you created in the future is going to happen. Which is hard work. So I decied to stop time travelling except for those cases where it´s necessary. Yeah, the opportunities were interesting, but not as interesting as the other thing I was capable of. I realised it when I slowly began to understand what all these… „things“ here actaully were: dimensions. A representation of every reality that there is. There are many of them. And bending them is way more interesting. Bending the reality. Bending the perception of others. It was fun. Until I realised that you can overdo it. Dimensions started collapsing, causing the destruction of others. And with every dimension lost a part of me was lost. I could kill myself, but that is excactly not what I want. Why would anyone ever do this? Especially when they have a task like me? But the destruction of the dimensions made me thinking about this, about losing yourself… until something caught my atteintion. Others. There were beings, all living in their own reality, capable of controlling the force most of them call „magic“. And they used it. Often. And sometimes recklessly. That was never a big deal for me, until they started destroying dimensions by themselves. Most of them didn´t even knew what they caused, some of them did. And their exsistance ended shortly afterwards. But I had to make a decision: I will visit them. I will visit each and every one of them and I will show them, what their use of magic can cause. Even if that menas giving up a part of myself. Yet, I willingly take the risk, since I know, what can happen, when they overdo it. They need to learn. Learn like I had to. But luckliy for them, not the hard way… Valoran, huh? So that´s the name? Well, let´s see… about 3 billion intelligent living beings, already caused the destruction of 48 dimensions. Not the highest amount, but their use of magic has grown alarmingly for the last few… years? That´s a year? Interesting… But anyway. They´re gonna be the next students I´ll have. „It´s funny to watch how get more scared with every new detail they learn...“ -Varla- Friends: {{champion:54}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:142}} Foes: {{champion:266}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:141}} (Not Kayn in total, just Rhaast) ** 4. Abilities** _ Passive: Slowly losing control_ Whenever Varla casts a spell, she gains a stack of „Demise of Reality“, lasting for 20 seconds, new stacks refresh the duration, she loses a stack every 10 seconds or every 3 seconds when Varla is dead. These stacks modifiy and/or upgrades Varla´s basic abilities: * 5 Stacks: The size of _Reaching limits_ now is 150 x 750 units * 10 Stacks: Increases the damage of each missile from _Bending the rules_ by 5 * 15 Stacks: Decreases the cooldown of _False safety_ by 1 second * 20 Stacks: Varla´s spells do cost 15% less mana * 25 Stacks: The delay of _Reaching limits_ will get decreased to 0,5 seconds and it´s size is now 200 x 800 units * 30 Stacks: _Bending the rules_ can be channeled for as long as you want, it will still shoot 3 missiles per second and now costs 50 mana per started second of channeling * 35 Stacks: _False safety_ now fires 5 projectiles in an arc, units hit by multiple projectiles take 50% damage and will have the slow duration extended by 0,25 seconds per projectile hit * 40 Stacks: _Reaching limits_ now has the shape of a fan, starting with 200 units width and growing to 500 units at the end of it´s area * 45 Stacks: You can freely switch the target while channeling _Bending the rules_ by reactivating it, as long as the target is in range * 50 Stacks: Varla´s spell do cost another 15% less (-> total of 30% cost reduction) and she gains 20% CDR * Each stack beyond 50 stacks (Stack 51 or higher) increases the base damage of her abilities by 2 _ Q: Reaching limits_ Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana Cooldown: 10 seconds (on all ranks) Cast time: 0,2 seconds Varla bends the reality in front of her, causing the ground in front of her (150 units wide x 650 long) to break apart after a short delay (0,75 seconds), dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+0,5 AP) magic damage. _ W: False safety_ Mana cost: 90/85/80/75/70 Mana Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds Range: 900 units Cast time: 0,15 seconds _Can only be used on walls or player-made terrain._ Varla opens a portal to a dimension, which fires a projectile to the targeted area, dealing 60/120/160/200/240 (+0,4 AP) magic damage and slowing the target hit by 40% for 1 second. _ E: Bending the rules_ Mana cost: 75 Mana (on all ranks) Cooldown: 17/15,5/14/12,5/11 seconds Range: 550 units Varla channels for 1 second, firing 3 magic missiles onto the target, dealing 25/35/45/65/75 (+0,05 AP) magic damage each. The missiles will never fly straight to the target, but rather flying in curves left and right. _ R: Breaking reality_ Mana cost: 100/125/150 Mana Cooldown: 150/130/110 seconds Range: 4000/6000/8000 units Varla channels for 1 second and breaks the reality, causing a copy of her to spawn at the targeted area, dealing 100/200/300 (+0,75 AP) magic damage, which she takes control of, her body will remain uncontrollable at the location _Breaking reality_ was casted. Upon arrival, a copy of _Reaching limits_ and _False safety_ will be casted onto random targtes (preferring enemy champions). The copy takes 50% more damage, the body left behind will take 75% more damage. After 6/7/8 seconds, the copy will disappear and she regains control of her body. If the copy is killed, Varla gains 3 stacks of „Demise of Reality“ and regains control of her body, if her body is killed while the copy is alive, she´ll lose 5 stacks of „Demise of reality“ and the copy disappears with her. (Because… she´s killed, you know?) ** 5. Voice lines** When selected: „Let me show you, what true control looks like!“ If banned: „Huh? Scared of facing the inevitable?“ Move-Command: * „Solid ground… takes some time to get used to it!“ * „I´ve seen dimensions far more developed than this… and yet, I still like it!“ * „Break´s over, time to learn some things!“ * „At least they don´t run away in fear… wait, where are they hiding?“ * „This task never gets repetitive!“ * „This energy… stable… powerful… worth remembering!“ * „I know, they didn´t asked for it...“ Attack-Command: * „Got you!“ * „It was fun for a while, but let´s move on to the real stuff!“ * „Don´t you get it? You´re just making it worse for yourself!“ * „So… how about showing you… this!“ * „Resilience? I love a challange!“ * „If you knew what kinds of powers you use… you´d run away in fear!“ Joke: * „You asking for your grades? … Sure that u want to know them?“ * „You know, in most cases I would send you to the director´s office, but since he´s not in here… we can settle this right here, right now!“ Taunt: * „My home? Yeah, maybe a bit messy… but it´s the biggest home you´ll ever see!“ * „You just can´t leave your home for some years without having to clear up all the mess that happened during that… chores, chores...“ * „They say, I don´t have a real home… I say that I just haven´t made a decision yet!“ Upon buying {{item:1001}} : * „Never fall behind!“ * „Makes the search for them more comfy!“ Upon buying {{item:3027}} : * „Didn´t I´ve seen you in another reality?“ * „Took aeons to make this… and will take aeons to unleash it´s true power!“ Upon buying {{item:3165}} : * „So that´s how you store your knowledge?“ * „Contains far more than they belive...“ * „I don´t know… this kinda looks… ordinary?“ Upon buying {{item:3152}} : * „Gives me the swing I needed!“ Upon buying {{item:3151}} : * „Seeing the world with different eyes… what an opportunity!“ * „Will always hide their true intent...“ ** 6. How to play her** Your clear speed might not be the best when the game starts, you have next to no CC, which makes pre-6 ganks very tricky, you´re squishy af… but you have damage. A lot of it. And when unlocking your ult, ganking gets way easier: Jump right in, throw eveything you have at them, jump right out. There is actually not a lot to explain this time, imo the abilities are not complicated and pretty self-explainatory xD Example-Build for Jungle-Varla: {{item:3020}} {{item:1414}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} Recommended Runes: **Sorcery:** Arcane Comet/The Ultimate Hat/Transcedence/Gathering Storm **Domination:** Sudden Impact/Ravenous Hunter ** 7. Patchnotes** And again, doing the short variant today, since, as said before, this is pretty much a new concept :) > Patch 2.0 (06.12.2017) -_Never stable:_ Adjusted Varla´s base stats -_Teaching the truth:_ Rewrote parts of Varla´s lore -_Recreating the reality:_ Completely changed her abilities, except her ult -_Better regrwoth:_ Cooldown of _Breaking reality_ has been changed from ~~150/135/120 seconds~~ to 150/130/110 seconds -_Quick travel:_ Channel duration of _Breaking reality_ has been changed from ~~1,5 seconds~~ to 1 seconds -_New: Like a meteor:_ _Breaking reality_ now deals 100/200/300 (+0,75) magic damage upon arrival Well, and that´s again it for today! Hope you liked it, as always feel free to leave some feedback in the comments (belive it or not, I actually read them all and sometimes work it over xD) and if you like, you might wanna check out my other concepts! And with said said… written, we´re done for today, until next time! Incaedeus {{sticker:galio-happy}} _Passionated Galio-Main_
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