Archangel champ concept

#Lore & Shit (first version) Once one of the strongest archangel baring 3 pairs of wings as proof of his dominance over other angels, he betrayed his kin and after being stripped of his powers was banished to the lower grounds, but his unwavering faith still left him with the watchful eye and protection of his god His weapons having been taken from him, he fights with his faith and bare hands Despite the curse on his wings he remains much stronger than any mortal and still more powerful than most angels with only a few fellow archangels being able to keep him in check As he roamed the lower grounds for what seemed to be an eternity he witnessed the atrocities of mankind and decided to fight to correct the evil of those lands. After fighting evil for centuries with no one capable enough to stand face to him, he began longing for stronger opponents, he kept crushing any and all evil, roaming battlegrounds and war-fields alike looking for a worthy opponent That's where he faced him, on a battlefield unlike any other, a tall red winged demon, wielding a sword of the kind he had never seen before, one that seemed more alive and evil than anything he had ever seen before, Aatrox With a grin on his face, he went to face this greater evil, but by the time he had realised it, it already seemed too late, with blood covering his face, lying on the ground he was powerless against this monster As Aatrox was about to finish him off a ray of light crashed down from the skies, lifting the curse on his shoulders and momentarily blinding Aatrox After vowing to destroy this great evil, he seized the opportunity given to him by his onlooking god, to flee from the monster he was facing Having healed from his battle and regained his heavenly powers, he roamed around longing to destroy his nemesis, but nowhere was he to be found ____ #Abilities > #P > Blessed This unit is blessed, ocasionally being healed for a % of it's max health and spreading blessed grounds around him > **Blessed grounds **: heals any allied units standing in blessed grounds for a small % of your max hp and granting you bonus true damage on your basic attacks # >#Q > Summons a ray of holy light, slowly chassing after nearly enemy champions, heavily damaging and slowing enemies caught in the ray and leaving a trail of blessed grounds > Based duration of the ray is 5/6/7/8/9/10, increased by cooldown reduction Can have multiple rays active at once note : the rays don't chase directly towards the enemy champion, they chase towards where that enemy was located recently, making it possible to manoeuvrer around them # > #W > Light errupts from the ground as you spread your wings of light, leaving a trail of blessed ground when flying towards nearby enemy champions with increased movement speed # > #E > Throw a hammer of light in a straight line, exploding in light on impact, stunning any unit hit directly by the hammer and every other unit around facing the explosion # > #R > Punch the ground cracking it as light starts spewing from the cracks heavily damaging enemy units hit by the lights ___ #Gameplay Ap brusier with low mobility and heavy damage, the longer the fight goes the stronger he gets with an increasing amount of rays scorching the ground and healing his team His main source of damage is his Q, doing extreme amounts of damage if you get caught in them, but easy to avoid, even if you manage to stay out of the holly light, his passive and R will make sure he's able to dish out a great deal of damage if you let him get close Ideally played top lane where his passive sustain and annoying q will give your enemy laner a tough time, beware of ganks tho, as he lacks any form of direct defence or mobility while running away making him an easy target for a 2v1 that he won't come out of victorious ___ #Opinions are greatly appreciated
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