My theory on the WuJu style

So what is WuJu? From all that I've gathered, it is a magic imbued martial arts style. But for some reason it's only used by swordsmen? I find this idea funny cause we have 2 characters who actually use WuJu. Master Yi and Wukong. While Master Yi is pretty much the reason for this, Wukong seems to be the complete opposite. Why is this? Today I will pretty much explain my head cannon how WuJu works and what you can do with it. Now, in order to understand what WuJu can do, we must take a look at the charcaters Yi and Wukong. Yi's abilities show that he can use WuJu to increase his speed for a moment. And by speed, I mean ANY speed. The speed of his movement, the speed of strikes and the speed of his recovery. He has the ability to move so fast that it looks like he just disappeared but only for a moment, he can swing his blade so fast that no one realise he has already struck his opponents 2 times plus the weight on his weapon can hurt more. These are all the traits of a Wu Ju swordsman. So why is Wukong different? Wukong can turn his skin as hard as stone, he can make copies of himself and he can make a cloud he rides. Well the truth is, he can make copies of himself cause he uses the pedals of a flower that can create illusions. But how can anyone hit his clones if they're just an illusion? Now remember this. Wukong is a Vastayan. He already has magical ability on him, even if he doesn't use it. All vastayans in the game who aren't active magic users, have some form of magic surrounding their fighting styles. For instance, Xayah use her magic to turn her feathers as dangerous as knives and still control them to come back to her. Does this mean these have the exact same power? No. Remember Wukong is using a flower that causes illusions, yet he is somehow turning them physical. I believe that Wukongs vastayan magic allowes him to pull out the (Magical) power of different things and manipulate them to a certain degree. This would explain why he is able to make the illusions look like himself, despite the fact that the flower might not work like that on it's own. This could easily open up many possibilities but let us return to the topic. So how does Wukong turn his illusions into physical beings? My only conclusion to that. Wukong has mixed his WuJu magic to his vastayan magic. So how is that possible? To answer that, we must first talk about how WuJu could possibly work and should work. Now, how I see this. WuJu is like Kung Fu. It was originally a martial arts form meant for defense and created by monks who lived in Ionia. But thanks to the high amount of magic in Ionia, the monks could do more then just fight now. They could empower their style. Before there were just Wu Ju swordsmen, there were many styles to Wu Ju. And like Yi has demonstarted, W Ju could increase ones power for a moment or in this case, a certain amount of time. They could use WuJu to increase their physical strength to lift large boulders, they could turn their bodies so hard that no weapon could harm them, change their weight from very heavy to very light, to speed up their body, maybe even strike from a distance. The possibilities are endless! So what could've happened? Well... Popularity. And out of all the styles of Wu Ju, the speed style won in every category. As time went on, new techniques were made for the speed style as other techniques were in old dusty scrolls. Instead of learning which style would fit each person, everyone wanted to learn the speed style. Thus eventually, most of WuJu was forgotten and it turned into the form a lot of people know for a long time. So how did Yi start teaching Wukong a form of WuJu that pretty much never saw the light of day again? Well my head cannon for that is that Yi's mentor did practice the old styles, even if he was a master swordsman. Yi was probably one of the few people who naturally learned the speed style of WuJu, but his master taught him the other styles aswell since Yi showed so much promise. Alright, now that we got that out of way, the reason why Wukong can turn illusions into living things is because he uses his vastayan magic to manipulate the magic flower to make an illusion and manipulate his Wuju magic into the illusion to turn it physical. That is how he can ride a cloud, make copies of himself and to make himself look like he is a stone monkey. Okay this is just my theory, go read the actual lores and tell me how wrong I am. This was just a fun theory. But do tell me your own theories on the comments if you have any. Thanks for reading this ramble :P
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