Original Championship Riven

I have a original Championship Riven...I got an questions, do we now get championship icon from season 2 with CS riven,when a riot back it,with cs zed,or is vitange icon something different? One or Two things more:I think Championship Riven should get updated recall as every skin of this series have throne on it's recall animation.CS Riven should have it as well. Now it's perfect time to add it...I think we should make a championship ward for season 2,all other seasons have their championship ward,so I think the second season should get ward...And thet ward get only players who have the original CS Riven skin,and thet will be a full packet deal...And the old players with the original CS Riven Skin would again somehow felt specially... Rito pls read this...Try to accept this, and please answer...People help me to do all this for CSRiven... :) Greeting
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