The game is too balanced

I feel like, lately, the game has become a bit too well balanced. On a way, it's nice to be able to make a comeback and win a game off a single team fight, after falling insanely behind, but on the other hand, this makes you too dependent on your team. It used to be that players who invest enough time in the game, would figure out ways to abuse unbalanced champions and tactics and be able to carry games and the higher you climbed, the harder it became to abuse such tricks, coz people knew what you were up to and would avoid that or knew how to counter your sneaky strategies. This also lead to moments in game, where you knew you had to go for that yolo play to get your snowball rolling, or just hope to get carried, which made for some fun outplays. Now it's too much of a team effort, where the whole comp and everyone's ability to play their champions matter. Which, in turn, is the one thing that makes people rage in league the most - not having the control over the game and having to rely on 4 random strangers and when they fail to deliver, even if you did your best, you're likely going to be mad at them dragging you down. On the other hand, it might just be the meta has changed so much lately, I've yet to figure out how this game works these days..
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