Discussion about game modes and Ranked in particular.

Anyone think the way the queues are presented is kind of... _ambigious?_ Or well, perhaps outdated is the word. I propose a new system: Casual Queue: Exactly as Blind Pick is right now, except people shouldn't be pressured into playing anything. Meta or not, just a quick game into summoners rift. Ranked Practise: Basically this will be the queue as Draft Pick is now, picking roles etc. and ban phase. Ranked Solo: New requirements include having 20 champions with mastery level FOUR (as 10 ban system is around the corner), with each role being covered by one champion in this pool. Ranked Teams: Basically Flex as it stands right now, except no solo players allowed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thoughts? My issue with League of Legends right now is that "the penultimate" competitive game mode is far too accessible, and far too easy to get smurfs into. Both of these cause issues down the line with people not playing to their best or being matched against someone who they really shouldn't be playing against.
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