New Mage Item Concept: Arcane Scope

**Recipe:** {{item:3191}} {{item:1027}} {{item:1027}} + 700g (Total 2500g) **Stats:** -600 Mana -40 Armor -30 AP **Unique Passive - Magic Amplifier:** Increases the cast range of most abilities by 20% *An enchanted artifact that powers up all magic which passes through it* **Clarifying some interactions:** {{champion:112}} & {{champion:68}} : Increases the range at which they can cast their E/R, doesnt increase the range of the thing itself. {{champion:7}} : Doesnt increase the length her chain can go without breaking {{champion:90}} : Allows visions to jump further Note that this item does not increase AoE's, such as Nasus' E or Nunu's R etc., it only makes it possible to cast abilities from a longer range.

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