New rune system...

Hello, I don't want to make it TLTR so very shortly: Trouth be told, New rune system sucks. I think It is not only my opinion. Why? In higher elo you want to make everything perfect (or u are just perfectionist). what it means, you want every talent/rune to fit your champ you are gonna play perfectly. There is only very little amount of champs that have the same rune page with all same slots. And we got only 2 free run pages I guess (i'm not sure of none or just 2 cuz i had 3 runa pages before), it is awful. Presets suit like mostly nothing and it's kinda useless for most of the champs. I know there has been masteries and rune pages before, masteries for free a lot of pages and rune pages. But back in time, it was okay to play with 2-3 max rune pages and u have all u needed mostly and it can not be compared to rune pages nowadays. I would need like 20 of them and it would be just for champs I play .... Result ? I have to make unique rune page before every game most of the time. Today, I have done it 3 sec before the game started and I was clicking 3 sec on save and guess what, it did not save at all and i was playing champ with useless rune page. It really sucks... There should be some rune pages rework because this is really annoying system.
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