Champion concept: Cupid and Deon

**Cupid** is a **ranged robot** and **Deon** is a **melee robot**. In the picture Cupid is left and Deon is right **Lore:** Cupid and Deon were two young Demacian adventurers, on one of their adventures they found a mountain, inside the mountain they found ancient human remains, long extinct advanced humans, they spend a long time in the mountain, searching for answer to their questions. what was the cause of extinction they asked? after some time they found themselves sick to some strange illness, Cupid suggested that they should go back, Deon agreed, in the way, they realized it's not just any illness, it's the cause of extinction, Hopeless and broken, knowing they are going to die in a few hours, they came up with an idea, to upload their consciousness in two advanced robots they found inside the mountain. **Abilities:** * Q - Cupid does 3 quick instant auto attacks, the ability is point and click, The third shot slows the target movement speed. * W - Cupid places Deon on the map like a ward, you can only have one Deon on the map, Enemy champions can spot it and take it down. PS- Deon is on hibernation and will not attack enemies. (Except when Ultimate is activated) * E - Cupid walks toward chosen direction for 4 seconds, In the time he will have 100% CC immunity and he moves through units, he can auto attack or use his abilities during the walk. PS- You can cancel the walk by pressing it again, canceling the walk will also cancel CC immunity. PS- he walk in an straight line and a little bit faster than normal movement speed. * R - Cupid can Ultimate an enemy champion, The Ultimate activates Deon, Deon will run toward the Target and stun it for 1 second. while activated Deon auto attacks the target for 10 seconds, enemies can target and kill Deon. * Passive: Deon Got 3 Special item slots, you can buy Special Tank or attack speed or attack damage items for him using an special currency. PS - The art is not mine and is only used as an example.
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