Megalovania, but it's played by Sett

Megalovania, but it's played by Sett
This video took 36 attempts. Full playlist: I'm regularly streaming here! Join our Discord there: Twitter link: These videos are "music videos": I pick a song, pick a champion, and make a cover of the song by using the champion's attacks and abilities.
Hey! You might have seen [this]( video that I posted here a few days ago, here's another one following the same principle! Picking a song, picking a champion, and making the champion use his attacks and abilities alongside the song. This time was slightly different. I did this over the song at half-speed, went on the replay, and recorded the replay on x2 over the music (at normal pace) thanks to the built-in replay tools. And here's the result! I hope you'll like it :) And if you did, you can find more than 80 others [over there](!
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