Grievous wounds

So , i just played a game of Aram , and the champs they got were : {{champion:122}} **darius** ,{{champion:50}} ** swain **, {{champion:75}} **nasus** and {{champion:16}} **soraka ** clearly getting **grievous wounds **to itemise against those champs is a great idea ... but ofc there's really no viable way to itemise grievous wounds on an ap fighter (ap offtank) , and obviously there's only like 12 people in the game who know that grievous wounds actually exists , so no one in my team thought it'd be a good idea to build any grievous wounds , even after being told so , so for those situations when your team is too poop to build grievous wounds , it'd be great to have an item that you can itemize into as an ap offtank champ _(and no morello isn't that item , even as a mage it's not a reliable source of grievous wounds)_ So rito please do something like this **~insert cool item name here~ stats : - a decent amount of hp - a lil bit of ap ** _imo a cool way to balance the item would be to make the grievous wound into an active rather than a passive that'd be like :_ **active : for 6 seconds , enemy champions around you get grievous wounds ** sorry for the slightly salty post
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