Champion idea: THE QUEEN BEE Queen Bee is a proud, strong-willed and purposeful woman. She is born to lead (literally) and used to the fact that things happen exactly as she wants. Quote examples: "call me 'your majesty'" "i'm not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They don't exist." Joke: "let them eat honey!" Ability ideas Q: Queen Bee uses her wings to fly / dash for a short distance to get closer to the target she wants to sting. If ability is activated again within a short period of time, the Queen flies back to the starting location. W: Queen Bee stings the enemy with the sharp, poisonous end of her scepter. E: Queen Bee uses her scepters other end to conjure a sticky puddle of honey which slows enemies walking on it. Because honey is food for bees, Queen gains health when she stands on it. R: Queen Bee invites swarm of bees to attack enemies. Thank you for reading! Feel free to give feedback :)
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