My custom Battle Academia Themes!

#Hello, anyone reading this! __________ I got a little spark from seeing the splash arts of the Battle Academia skins and even tried them out myself on PBE and I love love love love them. And that said, I passively started making music with it in mind. So let me take you through the process of how I make music. . Melody. Getting a melody it EXTREMELY hard, because it's the main feeling of your song. With that said, this melody I picked made me think of a normal shōnen anime. However everyone else I let hear it said it sounded very haunting and spooky. . Style and Inspiration. Now that the hard part is over, I took the criticism and created something that crosses both what I expected AND what they expected. So a pretty haunting sounding song, but the battle-ish-ness could still be heard for it. #So I picked to base this entirely off of Battle Principal Yuumi's splash art. And let's just say she to my surprise doesn't really live up to her bada*s splash art. . Trial and Error. I want to try to invoke the shonen vibe and the characters at once, so I can't just slap Yuumi's variation of it on everyone. Which led me to this. . Fine Tuning. I needed to add more power to the weak instruments and nerf the strong ones which seem to also be powerful. You know? Balancing? Wink wink wonk wink, snip snip snap snip? Cough cough? {{champion:67}} . The Fun Extra. [ Fully Charged Ezreal ] After I played BA Ezreal in game, I realized he has a second form. Also he's obviously supposed to be the protagonist of the skinline. So he gets the special "Prestige" song. You know, not really a difference besides the instruments? Not even really a different feel? ~~10/10 Rioters are gonna ignore this post because of how much I'm dissing Prestige.~~ Thanks for reading aaaaaaand, please don't use this without my permission. You can ask for permission in the comments I guess?

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