Fanart contest ahead: Draw for Project Wartales and win RP!

Hey there guys! A couple weeks ago, we posted here the link to a project that focuses around League of Legends old and new lore – call it revamped lore, call it fanlore or simply call it a fanfiction, it doesn’t matter (although we simply refer to it as Wartales because, you know, that’s the title)! We’re just starting to grow as a community who creates not only written content, but also art and sound. And to help us grow even more, we decided to organize a simple contest that we hope you’ll find enjoyable and interesting. ** 1. “So what is this all about?”** In the very beginning, it all emerged from the corner of a League of Legends player’s brain, who was a bit frustrated at the current state of the lore, at the questionable changes and most specifically, at all the blanks and question marks hanging in the air. Well, that’s one reason. The other reason is simpler: that person loves League, as well as writing. From there on, no weird shenanigans were involved, and after a few months League of Legends: Wartales ( was born. It became pretty clear in the author’s mind that it would take more than just a story with 20-something chapters to cover everything, which is why the story is being separated into sections, and currently, the prequel (The Ashes of Joy – and the first section (The Wings of Justice – are online. ** 2. But wait, there’s more!** Sometime during the process of completing Wartales I The Wings of Justice –, it became pretty obvious that this interpretation of what the lore can be is a very poopy baby. As in, the kind of project that makes you write and read a story that shits on your feelings every chance it gets (and you thought Ned Stark’s death was tragic!) but at the same time, you can’t put it in a dusty corner. That’s when two dedicated readers began producing music and art, and flooded their discord with more ideas and their own lore interpretations. **3. The baby wants you *points finger*. [Art contest rules ahead!]** Truth be told, as much as the website keeps getting hundreds of hits that turn into thousands, our goal is to reunite more League and lore fans, and creators, it’s not only about spreading a link to a story. So we’re organizing a small fanart contest for you guys to join in and have some fun, with the prospect of winning 5725 RP in the end. The rules are simple: - Follow Wartales on Wordpress ( OR Tumblr. ( OR YouTube: - Join the Discord - Submit your contest entry before January 21st, 2018, 9 pm CET **The contest entry must be related to ONE of the following:** - Wartales I, The Wings of Justice, chapter I: “About Demacia” - Wartales, Prequel, The Ashes of Joy - Opposing characters in the Demacia/Noxus conflict (examples include: Jarvan IV/Swain, Garen/Katarina, LeBlanc/Swain/Jarvan IV, Darius/Katarina, Darius/Garen, Talon/TheRestofTheWorld, etc.). The winner will be chosen thanks to a poll in the Discord server open to every member of the server, and will receive **5725 RP** directly on his/her League account. Their work will also be permanently featured on the website and other platforms. **Very important note**: please, feel free to join the discord, or follow the project even if you’re not a fanart creator about to enter the contest. We enjoy sharing and discussing ideas/creations in general, so feel free to simply join and chat if any of this sparked your interest!
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