Malzahar Rework Concept

**Preface** It has been a while since Malzahar's rework and he is still in an odd spot. The rework goals were: And these were surprisingly mostly fulfilled. First he was moved from a medium ranged burst mage to a short ranged warlock/battle mage with more emphasis on damage over time. This chance was not a welcome sight for most Malzahar players, because they played him for his burst and high damage. Malzahar felt, especially initially, clunky to play with him relying on his voidlings. And at the same time, Malzahar did not hit the mark balance wise and was too strong at certain moments. Over the course of a few months his power got reduced, to a point where he was even more clunky and depressing to play. So they changed him again. This chance caused him to shift from a mid/top lane warlock to a suppression support. This was deemed unhealthy so he got chanced again, to a point where his voidlings were almost useless in return for better scaling on his other abilities. Now his identity shifted back to medium ranged ~~burst~~ mage, but the remnants of his failed rework still remain. The voidlings are again a minor identity in his kit, but take up an entire ability, without giving much use. His burst potential is gone with his ult. His range is still lower and the passive doesn't make much sense on a medium ranged mage. And on top of that the base damage on his abilities are much lower. Overall, I would say he was better left untouched. ___ The reason for why battlemage Malzahar did not work was because the voidlings were unreliable, eventhough he relied on them. If we take a look at other minionmancers in league, in other words Yorick, we can see that, in order for him to rely on his minions, he needs some tools to allow them to do their job. He summons with his P, Q and R, commands with his E, and helps them with his W. Actually his entire kit resolves around the mistwalkers even though his W, that wall of cropses, makes thematically and lore-wise not much sense. Malzahar did not, and does still not, have the proper tools to let the voidlings do their job. All he can do is command to walk after someone. he does not have crowd control or mobility for them, apart for his ult which has ofcourse a way too long cooldown to function as a reliable tool. And since he has no tools for them, all the voidlings can do is walk towards their target. Only walking towards your target is a very hit or miss strategy as we all know. If you are not fast or tanky enough you won't be able to do anything, and even if you are and reach your target, you have to do something, in this case damage. And your main tool being miss or hit means it is unreliable, this is of course very bad. I will try to solve this problem in my rework concept. And eventhough I eventually liked his warlock playstyle, I will be focussing on restoring the medium ranged (burst) mage. The warlock was fun but the kit was only half enabling this playstyle because they changed too few things. He would have need an entire overhaul of his kit to make him a decent battlemage. Unfortunately his rework was not "a big one" but a mid season class update which apparently provided too little time and resources. ___ **Rework Concept** _New Passive_ **Innate:** Every ability hit on a champion summons a voidling, after a small delay, on that location, for a maximum of 2 voidlings per ability cast. **[Q] Call of the Void** **New:** Can now damage units twice, once per projectile, dealing additional damage and refreshing the silence. _Old W_ **[W] Null Zone** Active: Malzahar creates, after a small delay, a zone of negative energy at the target location for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every second to all enemies standing on it. Minions and monsters affected by **Malefic Visions** killed on top of this zone cause a voidling to be summoned, up to a maximum of 3 voidlings. Enemies which are silenced are unable to leave the zone. **[E] Malefic Visions** No longer resets when hit by **Call of the Void** or **Nethergrasp** _This refresh mechanic was interactive for sure, but it degraded the Q to "refresh of E" and the silence was just a small side effect. This shifts emphasis back to Call of the Void_ **[R] Nether Grasp** No longer creates **Null Zone** beneath his target. ___ Along with this come also changes to the base stats, probably range revert, less damage on E and of course a lot of changes to the voidlings. Under which a bit more hp for voidlings but dead in 1 basic attack and, if possible, no skillshot blocking. These set of changes should add more depth and a higher skill cap. The spawning mechanic on champion eliminates the big gap between ranged and melee matchups. The lockdown on Null Zone allows the voidlings to come close to their target and deal some damage. It also offers Malzahar a bit of protection, especially against melee champions. The lockdown can be evaded and cleansed since the silence causes it. ___ Let me know what you think of it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. And as a bonus some voidling "lore". > **Voidlings** > > These vicious creatures from the void lack intelligence, they seem almost mindless. > Despite their stupidity they are numerous and strive in The Void. > Their simplicity and sheer abundance makes them the perfect candidate for my summoning rituals. > I can easily dominate and control them, they won't harm me. > Unfortunately their simplistic physique is only fitted for The Void, they perish in matter of seconds outside of it. > Merely touching them is enough to obliterate them. > I'm sure I will find good use for them anyway. > Now I only need a catalyst source for my rituals and I already know where to find it...
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