My only solution would be! To reduce "smurfing" or flaming or having no skill at all is to increase the champion requirement to play ranked to 30-40! So that people actually have some experience before coming in ranked! and take it seriously! People get banned simply because they are frustrated! Most of them don't really wish death to someone or aren't racist or cheating or doing anything extreme at all so why?! They simply get pissed off at their teammates and this results in a ban?? Are you fuc kin serious? Do you ban them simply because you want to protect to new players? You banned a friend of mine that has been playing league since its out! Simply because of these shitty new rules that were applied after season 5. And why is he matched up with players that play since yesterday? Is that fair to you? Its like a 16 year old team of barcelona getting matched up against the current men's team? Is that allowed anywhere in competitive team sports? My friend has won tournaments and does know a lot for the game. He's been plat before! But now you promote people to plat with 90 games? having like 55% win rate?? How is this possible?? Why do you say sportsman ship? When you clearly have no clue of what true sportsman ship is? This is why 80% of the people don't make it to pro sports. Being competitive Trying your best Expecting your team to be at your level! Having general respect Saying that why that players who come to play ranked and pick something without even reading its abilities or passive just for "fun" and can justify it by saying that "its only a game" after ruining the game with their laziness aren't punished?! Why isn't this attitude considered toxic ? When it clearly is toxic! It shows big disrespect to those who actually try! These players don't have general respect! Only the frustrated get punished?! Without actually saying something really extreme or cheating? Some of my friends that are truly skilled and been grinding ranked for a long time, got banned simply because they got angry at certain people not caring? Its not my loss its your loss riot! Btw I quit the game for now! I will come back at s8 and see how it is then! If i don't see any good changes in ranked games actual balanced games like s5 and before. I won't play it. Not this %%%%in mmr shit! As soon as you get high mmr the chances of you getting stomped and having no brain teammates increases by 60% and when you get low mmr the chance to get carried increases by 50% :D .. Please.

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