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Hey guys, I posted this to reddit but it got buried pretty quickly, when I release my upcoming dragon leg fetish site Ill be sure to head back there. Also MODS if there is a more appropriate place for me to post this please let me know rather than just deleting this post. Anyway.. MOBA Directory is a personal project of mine Ive been working on for just under a year now, the originally idea came about when I started getting in to concept / Kit design. I play quite a few MOBAs on and off and at times it is hard to move from one to another, so my idea was to create a site that would help players explore the diversity in MOBA kit designs and help them compare their favorites characters with ones they may not have heard of. If you visit the site you will see it currently has 6 games with more on the way once I get some additional features. I really hope you will all find this helpful and maybe it will inspire new champions. Please let me know what you think, your opinions are super important to me, I will try and respond to any queries or suggestions posted here although they can also be posted via the site. If you spot anything off about a specific champions tags again please let me know as nothing is perfect. Thanks, -- Harpwn
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