ideas how to fix 4 infinity edge JHIN!

* solution 1- tl;dr : making jhin weak early-mid but very strong late by buying attack speed items! REMOVED : jhin's critical strikes no longer deal 150% damage instead of 200% damage ADDED-slow but deadly : now jhin's critical strikes deal 120% damage instead of 200% damage! so jhin's critical strikes increase 20% damage instead of 100% damage but this penalty can be reduced by attack speed! equal to -1% per each 4% attack speed gained from ONLY ITEMS ( doesn't affect runes or temporary attack speeds gained from items like {{item:3161}} {{item:3124}} ) for a minimum of 10% reduced damage! max available critical damage is 180% at 120% attack speed from items gain 30%- passive penalty getting above 120% attack speed from items will not reduce the penalty below 10% * solution 2 : 25% critical strike chance from infinity edge AND ALL other critical items now is UNIQUE PASSIVE * solution 3 : passive bullet reload and W cast time significantly reduced by attack speed * solution 4 : critical strikes will grant slow resistance and tenacity equal to 1% per each 6% bonus attack speed for 2.5 seconds! * solution 5 : gain percent health and mana regen per each percent bonus attack speed from ONLY items! * solution 6 : attack speed gained from items are 25% more effective e.g. 100% attack speed from items will grant 125% attack speed instead! * solution 7 : passive attack damage now will be increased more by bonus attack speed and less with critical strike!
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