Categorizing Champions

A while ago, when Ekko was released and played massively as a tank, I started to categorize champions according to skills and spells and [made this chart](, outdated now of course. Though I still like to categorize and think about stuff like 145(or so) champions, I made a new chart on another approach. [This new chart]( doesnt use the spells, but the profile of the champions in game. I counted the points each champion got on the _**Trait Wheel of Blue Roundness**_, because I noticed, that some champions got **2** points in them, and others got **7**. So lets see that gap of the champs. And what I found out, I think, is quite interesting. The conclusion, though written on the chart, would be, that most new champs have higher scores, especially Tanks and Assassins. Marksmen and Mages have lower scores and even count to the lowest of all. Theres only a handful of champs that break this _**Trait Wheel of Blue Roundness**_ apart, while most champs are crowded around 3, 4 and 5 points. Weirdly enough, Im not sure if its a bug or a gimmick, Kayn had no points at all. Thats either because of his two-parted nature, to show that hes weak until he transforms, or no one bothered to put up a score for him yet. Anyway, I hope you read this with interest and ended it with devotion. I for one had fun making this chart.

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