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Enter the contest by searching your summoner name and play one of the five featured champions. Earn champion mastery points off your games and come back, update your profile and get your earned points credited. An estimated rank is shown for each champion you already earned points with.
Hello there, i participated in the Riot API Challenge April 2016, where we had three weeks to create something which utilizes the champion mastery points and would like to share my project with you. **TL;DR** on how to use the website: Enter your summoner name, play games with the five shown champions, earn champion mastery points, come back and update your profile, get placed on a leaderboard on the website and earn achievements in form of items at the end of a challenge. Check the website's [FAQ]( for questions answered. **[](** [my profile as an example]( [Pictures]( The website provides a competetive experience by running short contests, featuring five different champions each time. Summoners who entered the contest are able to play games with the featured champions and earn champion mastery points. Once a summoner played a game, he/she can update his summoner profile page on the website via the 'Update' button (30 minute cooldown). The summoner's performance of the current and last contest in form of points earned and rank archieved for each champion is shown and updated. Starting each contest with zero points - independent on how many champion mastery points the summoner already gather before the contest started - offers a new and fair competetive environment for every summoner to race. Points are being granted based on the players in-game performance and outcome of the game. Since five champions are being featured (one for each role), summoners are able to queue up as a group and receive party bonus points. A countdown in the top right of the website displays when the current challenge ends and a new one starts. Once a challenge ends, the top 10 ranked summoners are being featured on the leaderboards at the website's main page. Summoners with the same amount of points share the same rank. The top 50 ranks unlock achievements for their profile (on the website) in form of ingame items. These items are shown in the summoner profile page and track the summoner's performance for the champion he earned the achievement with. In addition to being featured on the leaderboards, the top 10 ranks of each contest receive a golden version of the item as a reward. Each contest has five new items as a reward choosen based on the in-game gold costs of the item. Expensive items like Trinity Force have a common rarity while the Healthpotion is super rare. A summoner can have the same item only once, but is able to update it's stats when managing to get a better rank in future contests. This allows everybody to hunt for the golden version even if they do not manage to get top 10 the first time. Check it out and feel free to leave feedback here. Have a nice day, unobtanium PS: More links: [GitHub Repository]( [Riot API Challenge 2016 Post](
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