Jórdun- living storm

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRQlAvX3a5wIxycV1WeXlHmjC1q9hhX-cUcDbiC__XBHYdyP2w8 https://www.reddit.com/user/Petrege/comments/arjkbk/jórdun/?utm_source=reddit-android Jórdun was only a little child, but he remembers very well that day. His parents were working on an unfinished house and he was playing in the garden in the meantime. He did not notice anything strange, but after a moment he felt the ground shake, and the clouds collapsed. His father called him to come back quickly, hide at home and close the door. So he obeyed and ran to hide. Meanwhile, it was so much that the darkness and the only light provided lightning from the sky to the ground. Before he closed the door, he noticed that a character appeared, but not a man, but a bear in shimmering armor. He wondered who he was and left the door open so he could listen to what was going on outside. As the bear approached, Jordun noticed that there were countless scars on my face, countless scars and armor. The bear came to his father and began to talk. He could not understand but he heard something about the deal and about the war, but nothing more. They spoke for a moment, and the bear looked increasingly angry. He finally tossed his claws and, with three massive wounds, killed his father and tried his mother. But she jumped back and took her home to Jörund. The bear ran behind her, slid open the door and saw his mother and Jorund crouched behind her. She begged him to let him, but he did not obey her and kill her. Jorun, crying over his mother's mother, was angry, grabbed a knife and set off against a bear, but he blasted it back and made a scar across his face, and Jordun came to his ability to control the lightning, but unfortunately he lost sight of one eye. When Jordun was around him there was nothing but his father's hammer. The bear killed his parents and destroyed his home. And so he swore at that moment that he would not stop the bear from looking until he or the bear died. [PASSIVE CAPABILITY] (Herännyt voima) Jordun's hammer is charged with electricity. When the hammer is charged, another attack on the enemy will stun him for 1 second. When using some capability, the overflow time is shortened (1 capability = -2 skudy) [Q] (Palaa liekki) Upon activation, it will receive the following bonus for 3 seconds: * + 10% of all damage caused; the next basic attack will ignite the target and cause 15/25/50/80/125 + 15% AP in the form of direct damage spread over 5 seconds. Overflow time: 10/9/9/9/8 seconds [W] (Suorita rock) Jørdun in 2 seconds will build a rock that will give him and his allies regeneration of many and lives. The rock has 100/150/200/300/400 lives and many. Whenever a rock regenerates a number of many or lives, the life of the rock itself is subtracted, which means that the rock regenerates only until it has mane or lives. When both values ​​go down, the rock falls apart and the overrun time begins to count. The rock can be destroyed, but the hunter does not climb it. recharge time: 45/40/35/30/25 seconds [E] (Kova hengitys) Jordun rinses with his hammer throws the enemy back and slows him down causing 45/50/60/75/120 magic damage + 15% AP. If he uses the ability on the rock to fire it, if he encounters an enemy he stunts him for 1.60 seconds. recharge time 15/13/12/10/9 seconds [R] (Tyrmistynyt) Jordun throws his hammer into a circle-shaped area, causing 250/350/450 magic damage + 20% AP. The circle is divided into three parts in total. The smallest, larger, largest, enemies in the smallest area are stunned for 2 seconds, enemies in the larger area are immobilized to 1.50 seconds, and the enemies in the largest area are just a slowdown. Pick: "what are we waiting for" Ban: "okay, I'm going to get a beer"... Ctrl / 1: (the hammer drops to his leg) "and now you know that this is about building a beer" Near Volibear: "Are you a volibear? You look like a teddy bear " Near Ornn: "Hmmm you should shave the goat's beard" Ctrl / 2: (He charges the hammer with electricity and shoots it into the ground) "Storm is here", "I am ruler of thunder" Ctrl / 3: (pulls the violin) starts playing Hardangers' violin (if i had a heart) Death: "SAKRA!" "HEAVY!" Reviving: "Once Again" "Let's Go" At the start of the game: "Good day I'm looking for Volibear and do not know where it might be?" Killing / assisting the murder of Volibear: "I expected more" Killings by Volibear: "And what did you expect, it was a bear against a human being" Killing / assisting killing Ashe: "a beautiful body, a shame that her head has landed 12 kilos (the mistake here is to be) hammer" Killed by Ashe: "dangerous curves

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