Can we have a not happy themed Ivern-Skin? What is your idea?

I mean his normal and his candy skin are a fun angle, but for me the "HELLO FRIENDS HOW ARE YOU I'M SO HAPPY LOOK AT THOSE HAPPY LITTLE CLOUDS" (hi Bob Ross) is sometimes too much, and I'd wish for another angle. For example, even Soraka, our savior and healer, has a dark themed, Reaper Skin. Who would like the same for Ivern? What ideas do you guys have for a badass-Ivern? I'm thinking of rotten or corrupted Ivern, where he's infested with some kind of virus or sth, I think that would be very cool. Also what could Daisy be? There are so many possibilities how you could change Daisy, for example, with a demonic themed Ivern-Skin, Daisy could also be some kind of big Imp or a good designed sort of demon.
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