Chain of Rebirth (support-ish item idea)

So it's a high-risk-high-reward item that came to my mind. What it does is: create a link (just like {{champion:44}} W, {{champion:429}} Passive, {{item:3109}} or {{item:3050}}) (note that i'm not very good with my photoshop skills so this is orientational look) and if a teammate which you linked with dies within range of 800 units from you, over the course of 5 seconds, happens three things: 1) his dead body is being pulled closer to you 150 units each second (just like {{champion:412}} Q but with a dead body at the end :P ) you can move freely during that time just don't break the chains by going too far away (over 1000 units) 2) your HP is being drained by 3% each second (total of 15%) not reduced by damage reduction (because it's not damage. You're saving your teammate duh!) and it can't be stopped by you (which means if you have less than 15% HP then you're screwed [there's your high risk]) 3) HP of your dead teammate is restored by 3% each second (total of 15%, think of it like Aatrox's passive) increased by healing buffs like windspeaker's blessing or redemption passive (there's your high reward) I don't know name this effect "Transfusion" or something. after those 5 seconds IF the item holder don't die or bleed himself to death (less than 15% HP) teammate resurrects with the HP you restored him in the spot you dragged his corpse, you both get Increased HP regen (250%) for a few seconds and the item goes on 3 minute cooldown (during the cooldown you can use it to change the target to link with, you still need to wait until the 3 minutes since last resurrection passes thou). If the resurrection fails (conditions to fail in the next paragraph), item is put on a 30 second cooldown instead Ok now how to stop it from happening: Kill the guy who have this item before resurrection ends, lower his HP so he'll die from using it or make him leave the resurrection range (1000). That's all. Really. For the Item stats I guess these will do well on such item: - 400 HP - 50 armor - 200% HP regen Builds from {{item:3801}} and {{item:2053}} I'm open to suggestions how to improve this idea and it would be awesome if (after balancing) it would be implemented in the game.
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