Jhin the Virtuoso

Hi.... I thought about my favourite champ, which is Jhin, and I think he needs some badass skin. Like a .... dark bullet or something. You know, a skin that will show the truest true of him. He would have a dark mask, dark blue coat. While his bullets, normal and those for the ultimate, would be black and gold, while the bullet shoots someone/something it would blow with blood like grease. His gun could be more cyberpunk(?) I think it's called like this. That kind of skin would show how truly psycho Jhin is. The traps would get more "dirty", not so beautiful, more like... stained with blood.... That kind of Bloody, Psycho Jhin is my own description of him. I wrote this cuz I don't have much friends and I'm kinda bored...... : / Let me know what you think about this. Have a nice night or day whenever you'll read this. 😉 P.S. Sorry for my English I know it's kinda bad.

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