Suggestion: Close to 100LP

This is the second discussion I'm creating because a member of the community made me realise that the first one had many flaws. I am suggesting a way to end the "OMG Rito why didn't u give me 1-2 LP more to enter promos" My suggestion is that if after a win: 100LP - your LP < 1/4 of a victory's LP, then players should automatically enter promos or get a free promo win. Here's an example: Let's say you get 20LP for each victory. Then 1/4 of 20 is 5LP. If you win a game and end up with 95+ LP then you should enter promos or get a free promo win. Accordingly, if your MMR is lower and you earn 16LP for every victory then you'll get the "bonus" if you end up at 96+ LP and so on. This way people won't have to play a game in order to either win 1-5LP or lose 15-20 (which is obviously unfair). Also the better someone's MMR is the easier it will be for him/her to get the bonus. This way there will be less "crying" about unfairness, as everyone's responsible for his/her own MMR and the LP he earns or loses with every victory or defeat. PS: Stop wasting your time on pointless discussions like trying to explain to people that when they get PERMANENTLY banned it means it's PERMANENT and give me your thought on this idea, which may solve a really frustrating problem if it catches the eye of a Rioter.
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