[Skin Idea] Bartender Singed

Hello , I'm back again,_ yeah that weirdo Singed enthusiast _ This time I would like to show some concept art, a skin idea for {{champion:27}} that had been discussed over and over again. Bartender Singed Here is my take on this, the idea is pretty simple and basic and there is probably still place for changes...but I will leave that for Riot _wink wink_ http://orig01.deviantart.net/a2d6/f/2016/098/2/e/bartender_singed_final_3_by_snook_8-d9y6ci7.jpg (check this on full view plz) So why I suggest this skin? Various and OBVIOUS reasons -His quotes, I mean really "Shaken, not stirred." , "How'd that taste?" , "To shake, or not to shake." ,"How about a drink?" or "Mix, mix, swirl, mix." I mean really, those are lines that a bartender could easily say, not to mention there could be an added line "Pick your poision" Ha! Awesome right? -Contribution to old lore reference from the Journal of Justice (Volume 1, Issue 27) not sure if still canon (probably not) but there was a deal between Singed and Gragas for helping the Graggy Ice industry by providing brewing machines and creating a partnership. So yeah this skin idea is not entiiiiirely fan fiction. -..wait I need more reasons to have this skin? Uhm..it would be fun! I mean come on! Filling the rift with beer foam while running around is pretty awesome! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this idea as much as I do! Rito plz ;)
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