New Champion Idea

Ace, the assassin of thunder ROLE: Mid, Assassin 2ND BAR: "Electricity": Raises more and more with every ability. Makes abilities deal more damage and at max Electricity the next ability will slow for 50% of their max MS PASSIVE: "Speed of thunder": Similar to Kled, Ace will gain more MS when moving towards enemy champions. When a target is isolated Ace gains 15% **(NERFED)** Max MS. Heading towards a group of 5 will not affect the MS. Q: "Earth's Absorb": Ace turns to thunder and enters the ground and then quickly dashes towards target and slows them dealing damage. (10/9/8/7/6 Cooldown). W: "Paralysis": Ace jabs his swords into the target's body which stuns them for 0.1/0.3/0.5/0.5/0.55 seconds and dealing more damage. (9/9/8/8/5 Cooldown). E: "Blade Defibrilator": Ace absorbs his blades which heals him for 5/10/15/15/15% of his max HP at a cost of lowering his damage by 5/10/10/10/11% of his AD. After 9/8/8/8/8 Seconds he creates new blades returning his AD. (15/14/14/13/12 Cooldown) R: "Wrath of the Gods": Ace channels for 3/2/1 seconds. Afterwards he gains 200 extra AA range and 5/9/11% Of his max MS. His abilities get lowered cooldowns by 1/2/2 Seconds while this is active. This effect lasts 12/15/18 Seconds and when 8/11/14 seconds pass Ace gets even more MS and increased AD. (110/90/80 Cooldown)
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