[CHAMPION CONCEPT] Zubaba, the Forest Witch

**Zubaba, the Forest Witch** **Role:** Mage/Tank **Basic Concept** Forest witch with strong magic who can remove her own heart to become a tank at the expense of her damage output. The heart is vulnerable to attack. Her abilities emphasize zone control; she is strongest when nearby her heart. In order to deal damage without leaving her sphere of influence, she can also turn allies into her "servants", letting her deal damage "through" them. **Lore: ** Shortly beyond the Eastern border of Demacia, there is a black forest where few men dare to tread, save those who are willing to risk everything. There lives the ancient Witch of the Forest, an immortal being whose power over her own domain is absolute. It is said that those who seek her aid may indeed recieve it, but she may ask for something in return. Those who are pure of heart and justified in their requests will be blessed. But those who seek her for selfish reasons will be forced to serve the witch after death. **Description: ** A gnarled old woman with a thick brown robe. Her arms look like they are made of wood and she carries a wooden staff. She has one green eye and one red eye, a long, crooked nose, and sharpened teeth. She glows with a faint aura, but only when she has her heart. She is technically the same kind of being as Tahm Kench and functions in a similar way, but is a little less evil; while he seeks out people who need help and makes bargains that ultimately result in him eating them, she waits for people to come to her for help and makes bargains that force them into her service, but sometimes she lets innocent people go. **Abilities:** **Passive - (With heart) Collector of Curios** Zubaba gains (level * 1%) extra AP from AP-boosting items. **Passive - (Without heart) Heartless** Zubaba has 15% (ignore number, may be too strong, the point is she becomes a tank) damage reduction and complete immunity to critical hits. Zubaba does not recover HP or mana naturally without her heart, and the effect of all HP restoration items and abilities are cut in half, as if permenantly affected by Grevious Wounds. The remaining half, as well as natural HP and mana regen, is instead stored as grey health and mana, which is restored immediately when Zubaba stands next to her heart. Zubaba's heart is a targetable unit but does not have its own life bar. When the heart is attacked, Zubaba takes the damage dealt to it. All attacks against the heart function as critical hits and bypass all armor and magic resistance Zubaba gains from items. Attacks against the heart deplete gray health first. If Zubaba walks too far away from her heart (a large radius, about the size of one jungle quadrant), she begins losing mana gradually, though it is converted into gray mana and is restored when she returns to her heart's location. **Q - Nightmare Pursuit** Zubaba binds herself to a nearby enemy, gradually draining their HP and restoring Zubaba's as long as they remain within range. After 3 seconds, if the enemy is still within range, they take a burst of extra damage and become nearsighted for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds. This is Zubaba's strongest damaging ability, but since she is slow it is easy to escape from unless the enemy is immobilized. The nearsight effect allows Zubaba to retreat without being followed if she needs to. **W - Grasping Hands** Zubaba places a camoflauged trap on the ground; the trap is visible for a moment when the spell is cast. Enemies who walk over this trap are seized by a disembodied, ghostly hand, rooting them for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. A Grasping Hand trap gives vision of the nearby area and can remain for 3 minutes. Zubaba can have up to 3 Grasping Hands active on the map at once. **E - Spectral Guardian** Zubaba summons a small wisp to protect herself or an ally for up to 5/7/9/12/15 seconds. When an enemy champion is near the guarded ally, it will activate and begin to drain the HP of all nearby enemy units, vanishing 3/4/5/6/7 seconds after activating. If the guarded ally is killed before the Spectral Guardian vanishes, a floating skull appears in the place where they died and chases the enemy who killed them, continuing to drain their health for 3/4/5/6/7 more seconds before exploding in a burst of fire. Once manifest in this way, the Spectral Guardian deals more damage, but it can be attacked and destroyed, and will only attack a single target - if the killer is dead the Spectral Guardian vanishes. Enemies killed by a Spectral Guardian, whether or not it was attached to an ally, count as kills for Zubaba. **R - (With heart) Remove Heart** Zubaba channels for 2 seconds, then rips out her own heart and places it on the ground next to her. Zubaba can replace her heart by right-clicking it, this takes 2 seconds. Any attacks against Zubaba during the replacement animation are regarded as attacks against the heart. If Zubaba dies or returns to the Fountain, her heart is automatically returned to her. **R - (Without heart) Swift Return** Zubaba channels for 1 second, then teleports to her heart's location and becomes invisible for 3/4/5 seconds while gaining 50% extra movement speed. The invisibility ends if she attacks an enemy champion or tries to replace he heart, however she _can_ place Grasping Hands while invisible. Zubaba starts out the game knowing her R ability already. **Quotes** On select: "In life or in death, they will serve me." Movement: "Everything has its price." "I am the true master of my domain." "I pity the soul who seeks my aid." "My servants are all around us." "All debts must be paid, sooner or later." "I remember when this world was young." Attacking: "Their souls are forfeit." "Run all you like." "I smell the blood of a fool." Taunt: (conjures a flame, then makes it vanish) "Like a candle in the dark, you will be snuffed out." Taunt (near enemy Tahm Kench): "Oh, Tahm...I can see _you've_ been eating well." Joke: (conjures a floating skull which makes a rattling noise. Zubaba talks to it, then sets it on fire) "Oh, you think you deserve a break? Get back to work!" "Now, now, don't complain. You knew the conditions when you signed the contract." "What did you just say? 500 more years of service for you!" "I guess it's true what they say. You can't take it with you!" "Don't worry. I'll be sure to find a new servant to keep you company." "What's that? It's cold? Here, let me warm you up!" **Gameplay:** Zubaba's gameplay largely revolves around her ability to remove her heart - without her heart, she is a CC-focused drain tank, with her heart, she is a damage-dealing mage. She is intended mainly as a jungler, but she can be played effectively in almost any role (although she can be a bit of a mixed blessing as a support due to her tendency to kill steal with Spectral Guardian). Generally you will want to hide the heart during the laning phase, and keep it with you later on, as this will both allow you to roam freely without losing your mana and avoid the risk of a roaming enemy stumbling across your hiding place or an assassin turret-diving your heart, and allow you to make proper use of her AP-item-boosting passive. However, strategic use of her ability to teleport to her heart's location can give her significant, if risky, objective control late game. If the area is warded and trapped she can remove a lot of the risk by teleporting to defend the heart before an enemy reaches it's hiding spot, but a smart enemy who knows where the heart is can use this to pull Zubaba out of a teamfight. Remaining heartless in late game can be a big advantage if you're up against a crit-focused champion like Yasuo. She is a fairly flexible champion who can be built in several different ways depending on how you intend to play her in the endgame. The typical route is to build her as a mage, relying on her heartless passive for armor early on and later dealing heavy damage indirectly from the backline with Spectral Guardian and adding some CC with Grasping Hands. However, she can also be built as a tanky AD juggernaut - although she loses mana by roaming far from her heart, with a good team to back her up she doesn't need spells to bust down turrets and survive.

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