My perspective on TFT

We all love the new game mode TFT. It's so interesting and addicting, it's no wonder league had to shut down their server due to it's popularity leading to the congestion of the server. (I really have no idea what the actual cause was xD) The passives, item combinations and the champions are awesome. Although I love it the way it already is, I feel like it has room for improvement. I don't know whether riot has other plans already in motion for this, but my opinion is that it would be much better if all the champions were included and all the items, or more items were also included. You might think adding all the champions into the mix would lessen or eradicate the chances of ranking up the champions due to not being able to get them in the shop. However, I think that if every player had the chance to build their own load outs before starting the match, the players would all have their own different kinds of builds. If riot were to do this, champion picks should be restricted to a certain amount. For example, players might only pick nobles for their whole load out, making it unbalanced because of the noble passive. Therefore, this problem would be solved by keeping the amount of champions the same as it is now, and only letting the players choose a certain amount of champions of the same class. For instance, if the noble passive's maximum champions is six, let the players be able to choose exactly six and no more. I feel like this would make players more interested in this game mode. I am aware that TFT is new and it'd be difficult to add all the champions to the pool at the start due to the adjustments of passives, etc.. But I hope that having a load out of our own could be made possible, even if not the way I have suggested. I don't know where exactly I'm supposed to post this, (first time posting on a board) so if anyone knows where I should be posting this, please leave a comment. Thank you.
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