Looking for Teammates to have fun!

Hey guys and girls, as you may or may not have noticed, the Title says that I am looking for some nice people to have fun at playing one of my favorite games. At first I want to give a closer look at myself, so you can choose if you want oder won't want to play some League with me. So as you have noticed so far, my Summonername is Chaosmilaker V2. The V2 was added around 2014-ish after I left the Clan EnRo, so don't get confused. I startet playing League in late 2009/early 2010 (right after closed beta). I lost the Accountdata though, because I suck at remembering stuff. I played about half a year and then took a break of the game, because it just felt like Dota, but worse in the early days. After this year or so I began the game again because I saw some nice fotage over on YouTube. And since that day I LOVE this game. I know that the community is like the most toxic thing in the world and riot yet has to get a good banning system going, but it is just so much fun to play with friends and do like troll comps in normal games etc. I admit some of the latest Patches I did not like at all. But then my most favorite patch of all has to be the Tank-Update. I just love the new Sejuani, she feels so good now. Back to the story. In 2012-ish I joined an eSports Team called EnRo Griffins. We performed in ESL and 4Players Tournaments, but never realy accomplished much. So some of my buddies left the team and the Teammanagement just took everyone to fill the position and so we ended up being worse and worse untill the day I also left the group. I had that name a while after I left the Griffins, simply because I wouldn't want to spend the money again to change my name which was changed from Chaosmilaker to EnRo Chaos and about 2015-ish in Chaosmilaker V2. Now I want to Explain why V2 and not back to the normal one. See in these Tournaments I had fun of course but I did not want to play league as a game where I have to be best in, because I ain't. From there on I started almost only playing with my friends and trying to have fun. Mostly being the filling role because I don't care what I play, as long as I have fun at the Game itself. I reduced the amount of ranked Games to the placementmatches and thats mostly all. So I am looking for some friendly people which want to play the game with me and have some fun, not rage and just chill because it is a game and it is meant to bring fun! What are the skills you should have? I mean, have the game installed and be able to speak/write english in an understandable matter or even be able to talk/write German (Yes, I am a German guy). If you are interested in just having fun at a game we all love please comment under this post and/or add me in League (please message me that you are from the forum post). I think we can have some real fun games! So far, I wish all of you guys out there the best experience in League and in Ranked Games I'm out, cya. Chaosmilaker V2
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