Why ILLAOI should get an LEGENDARY PROJECT: skin

Legendary skins are all about changing an champions personality dramatically ,examples:jinx got turned from an crazy teen that talks with her guns to an crazy teen on drugs that talks with 2 figments of her imagination;Forecast janna : lonely old lady talking with herself softly to an slightly more attractive younger lady talking about what an old lady talks about: Now,the problem is:it isn`t easy to adapt illaoi to the theme.some may even ask:" she has an bulky weapon,she always shouts stuff about gods and roasting yordles how will she fit in with these high tech future cyber dudes?" well:legendary skins are about changing everything in an champion`s looks she could get other voice lines that roast enemy projects and yordles her "eye of god" should get replaced by an katana or slightly longer dagger she would get slimmer since her parts are being replaced not overlayed amirite her autos should now have her attacking with her sword just like aether wing kayle and final boss veigar her q would have her put instantly her hands united in the air,then a bunch of metals or something fall her tentacle`s slams will be 3-part mechanical airplane-wings-but-project-themed look her w will make her ready her sword and blink on the target her e will be more opaque and she will shout:How do you do....outside you armor? her r:illaoi raises her dagger calling upon nagakaburos which then spawns project outlines that co from the outter part slowly to the middle in a dome shape then dissapears and makes tentacles appear also please make her say that in the future people started calling nagakaburos xenu and cthulu :)
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