Fix The Solo Q ....MMR or Elo system is better then the Current(division system ) Change my mind

i know rly good that this is 5vs5 game and you have to rely on your teamates but you simply cant .....becasue this is not FLEX in flex i would trust my teamates because i manage my team but in Solo Q ..... its simple to Make Solo Q ladder by MMR only, or ELO with no ranks as it was it will resolve so much un nessessery dedeats caused by my trolling teamates . The MMR system or the ELO system actually can split the good from the bad players , because with the current system you have "Luck" whitch means that if you are lucky enough your teamates can carry you up to diamond :) or if you are lucky enough your bad teamates can lead you to loose train . But with the MMR system no matter win or loose it takes your performance insted and you gain LP or loose LP , MMR , ELO whatever you have got the point Its that simple !!!! you can add divisions probably if you need so ..... from 1000-2000 bronze 2000-3000 gold ... etc
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