A new Star Guardian team: Ashe - Sona - Irelia - Zoe - Caitlyn

Ashe splash art https://i.imgur.com/vlFblBi.jpg Ashe concept art https://i.imgur.com/IhIw3Fh.jpg Sona splash art https://i.imgur.com/QMgtt8K.jpg Sona concept art https://i.imgur.com/eCZFPVq.jpg Irelia splash art https://i.imgur.com/swqVJB1.jpg Irelia concept art https://i.imgur.com/MD9y2tP.jpg Zoe splash art https://i.imgur.com/hCqbZ74.jpg Zoe concept art https://i.imgur.com/hrDmxs2.jpg Caitlyn splash art https://i.imgur.com/ao5BOKq.jpg Caitlyn concept art https://i.imgur.com/lZ9firG.jpg Extras: Old Irelia concept https://i.imgur.com/rFIjHDg.jpg Extras: Second Caitlyn concept https://i.imgur.com/XSooAm0.jpg This took me a month to complete, would have taken much less time if I wasn't going to school, trying to climb in league and worked a bit on a second project hah. Let me quickly address the elephant in the room, ZOES BACKGROUND LOL. I'm really sorry this is the first time I have done backgrounds... and she was the first one i did out of all of them, I was waaaaay to ambitious with it Now about the two extras, I did all the concept art first before making any splash arts at that time Irelia's rework hadn't been teased yet and I really had no clue she was on the rework radar. So I had to re-do the concept art when I saw she was getting reworked, good thing I didn't do the splash on her too. As for Caitlyn I made two because, I feel like the design I personally like the best (the one I made the splash art of) doesn't have your typical Caitlyn features - hat boots ect. I still love it 100% more than the other but I had a feeling people might not like it because it doesn't scream "YO I'M CAIT BTW" So I made a second concept, without the splash tho for people who might think my first choice doesn't look enough like Cait. I really enjoyed this little project and will in the future make a big drawing of all of them together. Hope you like it! My deviant if you care lol: https://lavenora.deviantart.com/ Made a album with images of Irelia's splash art as I drew it, if you wanna see how I draw them https://imgur.com/a/jnBMz I know it isn't perfect, there are things I wish I could edit but I can't. Oh boi I can't wait to start digital drawing.
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