Twisted Fate mechanic improvement

Hello Sir/Madam my name is Kristian.I'd like you to hear my idea for twisted fate{{champion:4}} , a mechanical upgrade. We all know that there's a upcoming skin for tf but , it is worth? With a play rate of 3.22% i am sure you'd like to add some fun to the champion. Here is my idea W new passive **(Dynamic Investition)** When twisted fate uses his w and picks the first card instantly the card gets a special buff 1. **Blue Card**-It gives you mana and heal you 6% of your max hp 2. **Red Card**-It slows and it deal dot(damage over time) on the target 3. **Golden Card**-The stun is an aoe (small) Edit:_ The card glows if it is powered with the passive _ + if you vote make sure to explain yourself PD:_It can be only the first card. If it is the first card but the second roll it doesn't work so it has to be instantly picked Sorry for the grammar mistakes in advance **_The vote has nothing to do with the discursion just a question _** -OTPLeegallyBlind_
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