[champion concept] lana- the grand priestess

lana- the grand priestess lana was just a demacian nurse , in the great war she tends to those injured , sometimes unable to help those who are at deaths door , every night she cries herself to sleep over those who she couldnt save. so she imagined herself helping those in need , right inside the battlefield , to save them and insure they still live, and so , she became a war priestess. she quickly started to change the outcome of the battlefield , saving countless lives. lana became a symbol of hope and victory , wherever she is , a light of hope showers her allies, empowering their cracked swords, solidifying their flimsy armors . lana became the grand priestess , her miracles and prayers always shaves away peoples disheartedness. "if not one wants to help , then i will" passive- blessings: lana's aura grants allies 1 stack every 12 seconds, max stacks are 10. each stack gives 0.5/sec(+0.2/level) health and mana regen, 1(+0.5/level) armor and magic resistance. if an ally leaves lana's aura , the stacks decay slowly. Q-cleanse evil: lana summons a ray of holy light , damaging enemies that are hit by the ray and leaving a trail of light in the ground. allies who walk in that light are granted m.s and if they leave the trail , m.s will decay slowly. W-healing prayers: lana begins praying , the prayer has 3 levels, the longer she prays the better it is. level 1: the heal is weak and radius is small level 2:the heal is 30%stronger and radius is small level3: the radius is increased by 50% E-touch of faith : lana touches someone, either an ally or enemy, but they have to be very close to her touches an ally : removes any stun or root, gives dmg increase for 5 seconds touches an enemy: disables enemy passive and silences them for 1.5 sec, touching an enemy will decrease the cooldown. R-beacon of hope: lana summons a beacon from the skies , when it lands it sends a shockwave around it , stunning enemies . the beacon is immovable , but has an hp pool, it makes an aura covering a large area, granting allies shield increasing over time and also armor and magic resistance , the aura also deals true damage to enemies , but is very weak. if the beacon is destroyed by an enemy , it will have a longer cooldown.

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