Updated Client have maybe 3 positive things over old client the rest garbage am sorry its truth....

HI.I just installed and watch over everything in updated client..They put new runes amazing looks good..They put option in a champion select to chose if you want to play tank support etc its a nice thing to have we didn't have that..They put amazing animation in champion select also amazing.. But the rest: the coloring in champs screen are all green and hard to look at it because it needs to have contrast like we now have light color over colored champions so we have a clear vision..With the green screen super hard to watch even into the screen....Whoever reported this as a good thing in alpha he is my idol and that says that doesn't bother them ... Second its again so much complicated to find a way into every option the league has.When you update something don't make it 1000% harder for players it needs to be made to be simple..... I know it's not a final thing alpha but there is so much ban things over updated things we really need my personal opinion is that in so many regards it fails the update...I now came back to old current client and it's so much easier for so many things old vs new... This will upset so many people who are obeying Riot and everything they do its perfect but i must say what i feel and i heard so many people who also had problems with new client .... I don't understand why you can't just improve what we really need and not change everything so that you again make mess and improve 5 things and lower 5 also.. I simply don't understand.... Again there is really some long wanted things in client but the vision of the client and coloring in some options are all wrong and it makes me puke..
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